Walz Load Scanner (WLS)

Image of Walz Load Scanner (WLS)

"The Walz Load Scanner (WLS) or 'Volumetric Payload Scanner' system was developed to provide in-motion payload monitoring and high definition load imagry. This new load scanning technology allows operations to manage and track all the carried volumes in your haulage assets in real time."

Walz Load Scanner

Walz has developed revolutionary new technology for the management of material truck loads. The WLS Truck Load Scanner delivers accurate volumetric load calculations for open top vehicles while the vehicle drives under the scanner head. The revolutionary load scanner system provides an efficient and affordable alternative to truck scales and other external weighing systems.

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Load Scanner Technology

The Walz Load Scanner System utilizes laser technology and advanced patent pending algorithms to provide a dynamic non contact solution for managing material truck loads.  This technology is poised to revolutionize the bulk material transportation industry.  

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Load Scanner Technology

Truck Load Scanner Operation

The Walz Load Scanner System operates by comparing empty scans of vehicles to their corresponding loaded scans.  Typically vehicles are fitted with RFID tags to automate this process, delivering a fully automated measurement system.  Trucks drive under the scanner system at speeds under 3.5 mph, however high speed scanning is available. There are few systems available that offer such streamlined efficiency and throughput than the Walz Load Scanner.

Truck Load Volume Scanner System Operations

Permanent & Portable Load Scan Systems

Load volume scanner systems are available for either permanent or portable operation.  Our portable and trailer mounted systems are ideal for construction and highway projects that require a easily transportable solution for managing material movement and production.  Move your payload scanner to any location that you require real time production monitoring.

Portable Load Scan Systems

Volume & 3D Load Imagery

The Walz Load Scanner provides accurate volume calculations and 3D load images per vehicle.  Individual load tickets can be emailed or printed per truck and all the data can be stored and managed from your online web based cloud account. This advanced reporting and analysis feature is highly-valued by many users of our truck load scanner system.

Real Time Data Management 

3D Load Imagery

Printable Load Tickets

With the load volume scanner, individual load tickets can be generated for each load, allowing you to email or print each load ticket with their corresponding 3D load imagery and material information. This tangible form of data communication is vital for many industry applications ranging from agriculture to mining.

Load Scanner Tickets

Real Time Production

With the Walz Load Scanner, you can monitor real time production data and stockpile inventories per material. Unlike competitive load scanner technology, this real-time production tracking gives users a clear indication of truck bed load distribution and other variables that can influence performance.

Real-Time Load Scanning Monitoring

Optional Load Scanner Interface Systems

Multiple options are available for running your Truck Volume Load Scanner System.  From simple touch screen PC's, to mobile tablets and outdoor kiosks systems we have an operator interface that will fit your requirements.

Load Volume Scanner Interface

Excavator Display

With this 3D load volume scanner system, you can operate and manage every truck load from the cab of your excavator with our touch screen kiosk system. The fully-integrated and dynamic system offers a comprehensive load volume scanning solution for some of the most advanced indutry applications.

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Excavator Load Scanner

Production Monitoring

This new truck load scanner technology is ideal for monitoring production without disruption to your daily work flow.  The real time data capabilities allows operations to make timely decisions and increase overall production.

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In-motion Volume Load Scanner

The in-motion truck load scanner is one of the most dynamic payload management solutions in its class. For more detailed information on our volume load scanner system please visit our Load Scanner Site.

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