Floor Scales & Pallet Scales

Our line of low-profile floor and pallet scales includes a wide variety of industrial scales with weighing ranges from 1000 lbs to more than 50,000 lbs. The rugged weighing platforms are suitable for daily use in dry and wet areas. By combining these pallet scales with our wide range of operating terminals, we can offer you effective system solutions for all your floor scale and pallet scale applications. Our pallet scales and floor scales are available in multiple models and include NTEP approval.


  • AG-4X4-NTEP Floor Scale


    Industrial strength floor scale, providing 16 square feet of weighing area. Durable steel construction. Includes weight terminal.

  • AG-5X5-10K Floor Scale


    Industrial strength floor scale, providing 25 square feet of weighing surface area. Stainless steel construction. Pre-calibrated, and includes weight terminal.