Truck Scales for Sale

Standard Features

Features of Truck Weigh Scales by Walz Scale

  • Heavy Duty Truck Scale Design
  • Steel and Concrete Deck Truck Scales
  • Top Access to All Load Cells
  • Highest Quality Truck Scale Finish
  • Heavy Capacity Load Cells
  • NTEP Certified Truck Scales for Sale
  • High CLC Rating Among Truck Weigh Scales
  • Multiple Truck Scale Sizes/Capacities Available
  • Truck Scales are Field Serviceable
  • Local Support on Truck Scale Sales
  • Truck Scale Rental Solutions

Custom-Integrated Truck Scale Solutions

Truck scales are often integral components of a company's throughput and profit stream. Operations that weigh 10 trucks per day, and those that weigh hundreds, both need the most accurate and reliable truck scale systems to ensure that their business is both efficient and profitable.

Complete Inventory of Truck Scales for Sale

Walz Scale truck scales and weighbridge scale systems offer rugged designs, high performance interface options, and the most advanced technology on the market. Walz Scale truck scales for sale are available in numerous configurations to match the needs of any application, from light farm use to extreme heavy capacity applications.

Farmers are encouraged to check-out the various truck scales at From portable truck scales to grain dump truck scales, Walz Scale is an industry leader for a wide range of advanced weighing solutions.


Affordable Standard Duty Truck Scales

"AGWEIGH, a branch of Walz Scale that focuses on farm scales and yield management systems, offers all types of harvest weighing and management solutions. Our standard duty farm scales provide a cost effective means of managing harvest production on the farm or any other standard duty application. The unique modular design enables customers to install the farm scales onsite, without the need for crane rental or other heavy equipment rental. While the top access design allows for simple field service to all the weighing electronics. With our standard 12' wide deck design, your drivers can easily access and exit the farn truck scale system safely."

Grain Dump Truck Scales

"Our Grain-dump truck scales provide extra efficiency with the ability to weigh a truckload of goods and unload it while on the scale. Walz Scale truck scales offer customizable sizes to meet and match your dump pit. "

Heavy Duty Truck Scales

"The Walz Scale steel deck truck scales and our concrete deck truck scales provide a low-profile design and top access to load cells with the benefits of heavy duty structural construction. All Walz Scale HD Truck Scales can function both above ground or as a pit-type and features our unique self-setting connectors for easy installation and future expansion. The structural steel or concrete deck sits atop a network of wide flange i-beams. Walz Scale prides ourselves on providing our customers with truck scales that feature more structural steel than most other truck scales on the market today."

AXIM In-Motion Axle Scales

"Our AXIM Series of in-motion axle scales provides accurate weights for vehicles dynamically or in-motion. Unlike other axle scale systems, this unit allows you to capture individual axle weights as well as gross vehicle weight whithout stoping the vehicle."

Truck Scales for Shipping Container Weight

"With new governmental regulations into affect in 2016, companies must verify the weights of their shipping containers as they ship them out. We offer certified truck scales for sale to accurately measure shipping container weight."