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4 Signs Your Scales Need a Walz Upgrade

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With a storied history dating back to the 1960s, Walz Scale has been America’s number one choice for weigh scales.  From a small business to a global enterprise, we continue to bring the latest precision scale and scanner solutions to our customers, and today, we’re sharing four signs that indicate if you’re due for an upgrade with Walz scales.

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Inconsistent Readings

Inconsistent readings are a sure-fire sign that weigh scales are on their way out.  If items that share the same weight are starting to read differently than each other, there  are steps you can take to test your scales.  We recommend taking an object and weighing it multiple times.  If the readings are inconsistent, you may have mechanical problems or load cell issues.  Another thing you can do to test your unit is to reset your calibration mechanism; most units have this mechanism to restore functionality.  If your scales continue to read inconsistently, consider solutions from Walz Scale.


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Unstable Readings

Unstable readings can occur when a scale is unable to hold steady when in use. This phenomenon is also known as drifting. Your scale will vary wildly when readings occur, supplying inaccurate data that won’t be precise.  More often than not, this means that there is an electronic malfunction happening within the digital indicator.  If the frustration of consistent inaccurate readings is starting to take its toll, you can count on Walz Scale to help you find your scale solution.

Visible Signs of Rust or Corrosion

You might have invested in high-quality scales years ago, but the truth is, eventually, all scales will begin to show their wear and tear.  Most scales are exposed to the elements, and the salt and dirt of harsh winters can take their toll.  If you’re starting to spot large amounts of rust or corrosion on your scales, it’s better to be proactive now than pay the price later.  A calibration and repair service from Walz Scale can help you determine if it’s time to replace.


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Dashboard Readability

If your dashboard has experienced years of use, the chances are it’s becoming harder to see what your scale is displaying.  If you’ve got screen burnouts of your display, you may be experiencing issues with your power source.  Test your batteries and switch out your adaptors to see if your power source is the cause of your problem.  If your dashboard is still unreadable, contact Walz Scale today to book an appointment for repair or replacement.

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If you’ve had enough of unreliable readouts and drifting scales, you’ve come to the right place.  Walz Scale has over four decades of experience in selling and servicing weigh scales and much more! Find your Walz scales solution today! Let us help you determine the issues with your current weigh scale systems and provide top-notch recommendations for system upgrades.

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