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A Look at Some of the Most Common Farm Scales

When it comes to the farming and agricultural industries, there is a need for a lot of high-volume weight measurements — especially during the peak of the harvest season. Farmers need reliable weighing systems to ensure accurate and efficient measuring of produce, such as grain, corn, or soybeans. Without an accurate weighing system in place, it is challenging for farmers and those in the agricultural industry to determine the exact weight of their harvested product and, thus, the actual profitability of their yields will create a challenge.

While every farmer can benefit, high-volume farmers need accurate crop yield data, and having the right farm scale can help provide this data accurately. At Walz Scale, we specialize in the manufacturing of truck scales and weighing equipment for agricultural use. Our farm scales are designed to help maximize harvest management efficiency while cutting down on overhead costs. The unique needs of your agricultural application will determine which harvest weighing system is the best solution for streamlining your weighing processes. If you are unsure which option is right for you, consider some of the most popular farm truck scales that we delve into below. 

Grain Dump Scales

Agricultural grain dump scales play an important role in farming operations, especially during the peak of the harvest season, where exceptional accuracy and operational efficiency has the utmost importance. Grain dump truck scales provide extra efficiency with the ability to weigh a truckload of goods and unload it while on the scale. Easy to install on-site, grain dump truck scales are the ideal weighing solution for both existing and newly constructed dump sites.

Portable Axle Scales

In-motion truck axle scales provide farmers with accurate measurements, greater efficiency, and convenience they need during harvesting season. Portable truck axle scales provide versatility and convenience for a wide range of farm and agricultural settings that enable the flexibility to relocate them to multiple areas around your farm during harvest season. To get accurate measurements, all that is needed is driving the truck or vehicle over the scale — no parking is needed to weigh loads, which saves you time! If you have a weighing operation that demands high volume throughput and constant use, then in-motion axle scales are a great choice. 

Onboard Truck Scales

Onboard truck scales are another popular choice among farmers because they can be integrated on a variety of trucks and farming equipment. Onboard scales offer immediate weight readings without the need for an external scale unit. These scales provide the quickest, most efficient method of weighing your harvest yields. These heavy-duty farm scales can measure heavier loads, which cuts down on labor time — a worthy investment consideration, especially for large production farmers. Unlike external weighing systems, onboard scales allow operators to output readings immediately. Some benefits of onboard truck scales include: 

  • Seamless weighing processes
  • Saving time by eliminating the need to visit an external weighing scale
  • Allowing easy integration with a wide range of farming equipment or vehicles
  • Extreme precision in results
  • User-friendly interfaces that let you fine-tune your harvest needs

Weighbridge Truck Scales

Commercial farmers and high-volume agricultural enterprises commonly utilize truck weighbridge scale system. Weighbridge truck scales are built to handle large quantities of any crop and can greatly reduce labor time. Weighbridge truck scales are typically either set up on a ramp or installed into a pit to keep it level with the ground. They even can integrate computer technologies to help improve harvest management.

Grain Cart Scales

Different from grain dump scales, grain cart scales are recommended for farmers interested in mobility while maintaining the ability to accurately measure the weight of the loads they are carrying. Grain cart scale can be integrated with a wide range of farming trucks and vehicles and deliver precise results. The ideal weighing solution for small-scale farmers, these cost-effective scales significantly reduce the time needed to weigh payloads.

Harvest season is the busiest time of the year for farmers and those in the agricultural industry, and having accurate weighing solutions that streamline harvest management can prevent unnecessary delays in production efficiency. Farmers can further streamline their harvesting process by integrating a quality farm truck scale system that will provide reliable and accurate measurements. While each type of farm truck scale has its advantages and drawbacks, identifying the type of weighing solution you need will help determine the best solution for your needs. 

Find The Perfect Farm Scale For Your Application At Walz Scale

If you are searching for a harvest weighing system to help maximize efficiency for your farm or agricultural applications, you can find quality truck scales that are tailored to your unique needs at Walz Scale! With a selection of truck scales, on-board scales, and more, you can rest assured that we have a weighing system solution to meet the needs of your application! To find the best farm truck scale for your application or to learn more information, contact our knowledgeable team!