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Yield Pro Agriculture Management Software System

Farm Truck Scale Management Software

Walz has developed truck scale management software specifically for farmers to improve data tracking and inventory control.  The Yield Pro Software ships installed on a windows tablet and includes a WiFi router for network connectivity.


Farn Management Software Interface

Truck Scale Interface

The Yield Pro Software by Walz has been designed to have direct integration with Avery Weigh-tronix and Rice Lake Weighing Systems scale instruments.  This enables our customers to easily interface their truck scale weights directly into the Yield Pro Software.  

Simple - Easy - Built for Work

Agriculture Management Software Users

Administrator and User Levels of Access

Our multiple levels of access allow for you to be comfortable with giving access to the system to all of your internal and hired drivers.  


Farm Truck Management Software

Touch Tile Based Software Interface

The tile based interface allows for a very simplified software user experience.  Operators with varying levels of computer skills will find the software interface to be very simple and intuitive to use. 


Agriculture Management Software RFID Integration

Simple Vehicle Tracking

Enter and manage all of your trucking assets with our simple interface.  This feature allows for you to better manage driver status, cycle time and loads per driver.


Agriculture Management Software System

All Your Ticket Data In One Place

View and manage every ticket from one place.  Eliminate that stack of printed weight tickets and improve your yield management.



Agriculture Management Software System

Built-In Reporting

Utilize the built in reporting to manage your inventory, track production by Farm, or track production by Field.  Want to create your own reports? No Problem.. Utilize the built in Excel file export function.



Agriculture Management Software System

Harvest Automation

Include our RFID option to fully automate your weighing process.  Drivers no longer need to exit the vehicle to capture weights.  With our RFID integration we can fully automate the weighing process.  Keeping your drivers moving and reducing errors.  

Our RFID reader is mounted near the truck scale and we utilize simple windshield truck tags that are installed in the trucks. When the truck arrives at the scale, the RFID reader reads the truck tag and initiates the ticket on the software.  With this operation you can weigh trucks, capture the weights and never leave the cab of the truck.


Agriculture Management Software System

Driver Communication Tools

Add out optional remote display with stop and go light to help improve communication with your drivers.  The stop and go light is used to alert the drivers that the automated weighing system has captured their truck weight.  This provides peace of mind that the system has captured the load into the software.  This option is recommended when operating the system in a fully automated mode.



Agriculture Management Software System

Customer Testimony 

"The scale we purchased from Walz Scale has proved to be an essential, irreplaceable investment for our farm operation. In conjunction with their scale software, Yield Pro, Walz Scale has allowed me to manage my grain inventory with a level of accuracy and confidence required to maximize our profits. 

Working with Walz Scale, we were able to customize the Yield Pro software to meet our farm's specific needs. With its built in shrink calculation, individual bin level tracker, and custom export reports, we now have the precise control over our grain inventory we never had before.

The remote weight display, weight capture indicator, and RFID tags on my trucks makes weighing in and out much more efficient by eliminating the need to continuously get in and out of the truck to punch your ticket.

With the entire installation taking just a weekend, our new scale system from Walz Scale was operational and ready to help us begin maximizing our profit. 

With all these great features, excellent customer support, and most importantly, a very reasonable price tag, I would recommend this solution from Walz Scale to anyone looking to manage and track their operation more efficiently and confidently." 

Pope Farms, WI




Yield Pro

Yield Management Software

  • Farm yield management software
  • Includes windows tablet, keyboard & WiFi router
  • Built in integration for truck scales, axle scales and the Walz Yield Scanner
  • RFID integration included for automated weighing
  • Ideal for manual input and automated data input from scale indicator
  • Can be used with truck scales and / or grain cart scales
  • Entry for moisture on every load
  • Built in reporting services
    • Inbound and outbound ticketing and inventory tracking
    • Include ticket data from grain elevators
    • Yield per field
    • Yield per farm
    • Manage shrink 



Additional Options

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Remote Display

  • 4.5" digits
  • Weatherproof enclosure
  • Visible up to 250 feet
  • Auto-learn technology
  • Mirrored display mode

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mining truck scalesWalz Scale is a leading global supplier and service support provider of heavy-duty truck scales and precision weighing systems for use in transportation, agriculture, chemical, laboratory, aggregate, waste, recycling and mining applications. For nearly half a century, Walz Scale has been providing the highest level of weighing products and local support to our customers.

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Load ScannerWhat separates us from other providers of truck scales and weighing equipment is the our solutions in load management. We offer world-class load scanner technology supported by top-of-the-line software for management and tracking.

Whether for agricultural and farming to resource aggregation and waste management, our load (or harvest) management solutions meet the needs of many industry leaders. Our load management technology and software platforms are often integrated with various wheel weighers and truck scales to offer a highly-optimized solution for maximum throughput.