Building An Inventory For Commercial Success

Building An Inventory For Commercial Success

Regardless of the industry in which your commercial company operates, it’s critical to have the right tools at your disposal. Arming your employees with everything they need to be successful translates to more productivity and, in turn, higher profits. Optimizing your daily processes with reliable, easy-to-use tools is what Walz Scale in East Peoria, IL is focused on. Our mission is to provide world-class weighing solutions and other types of equipment for companies across the United States and around the world, helping them curate an efficient inventory of tools. 

If you’re looking for ways to utilize new, technological advancements and integrate new ways to conduct business, look no further than the tools we provide at Walz Scale. Whether you need to replace old, outdated versions of your truck scanners or wheel loaders, or you are exploring different tools, our team has created a guide illustrating exactly what you need to be set up for success. Check out our advice below for how companies across many different industries can get one step ahead of the competition and reach out to us directly with any questions!

photo of dump truck with a full load

A Specialized Onboard Scale

When it comes to businesses operating in the construction, mining, shipping, and agricultural fields, it’s essential to know exactly how much product is being moved. Individual companies also need to keep track of how much strain is being placed on their company-owned vehicles, such as a forklift or a dump truck. With this in mind, one of the key pieces of equipment our Walz Scale team recommends to create a successful inventory is an industry-specific onboard scale. 

In short, an onboard scale is a weighing solution that’s designed to determine the approximate — or exact — weight of a loaded vehicle. Not only is this data essential for determining how efficient your company is and how much is being accomplished each day, but it also prevents employees from overburdening company vehicles. At Walz Scale, we provide many onboard scale options that encompass truck scanners, wheel loaders, and even portable truck scales. Finding the right version of this tool for your specific purposes is critical. 

photo of a floor scale

A Standard Floor Scale or Bench Scale

Once again, this type of weighing solution will vary from company to company due to a difference in processes and end goals. However, Walz Scale recommends having a tool in your commercial, professional inventory that provides accurate data for how much a product itself weighs (without accounting for the weight of a certain vehicle). The most important aspects to look for when determining which scale asset should be included in your collection of tools are:

  • Heavy-duty, durable construction
  • Large, readable digital displays (for both numbers and units)
  • Overload protection

The combination of all three features allows your entire operation to move seamlessly from task to task, gathering the important information that you need without worrying about equipment breakage or confusion. In addition to providing high-quality truck scanners and wheel loaders for many different clients, Walz Scale also provides different standard scale options to choose from. Browse our collection now to determine which would be best for you or contact us for our in-house advice. 

photo of a volumetric scanner scanning a rail car

A Volumetric Scanner

Aside from knowing the approximate or exact weight of the materials your company deals with, you also need no-contact tools for larger operations. A critical addition to your operation’s inventory of tools is an industry-specific or specialized volumetric scanner; a tool like this is designed to provide accurate data for the volume of a certain amount of material to streamline processes later down the road. Walz Scale has a large number of volume-centered means of measuring material without having to get your hands or your employees’ hands dirty. 

For example, a mining load scanner or a train load scanner can instantly provide accurate information on how much of a product is transported, what the density of the material is, and the position of the materials. But these volumetric scanners are also perfect for companies who work within the context of shipping, recycling, commercial retail, and more.

photo of a semi on a truck scale

Trust Walz Scale To Support Your Commercial Inventory

Walz Scale is committed to providing accurate, high-quality scales and other weighing solutions to our clients across the United States and around the world. We’re passionate about helping enterprises in several different industries have what they need to save time and money. While several of our belt scanners, rail scanners, wheel loaders, and truck scanners can benefit many clients, more personalized solutions are also available.

If you’re unsure of what precise weighing solutions are best for your unique needs or uses, contact us directly for more individualized recommendations. Our team has first-hand knowledge of how critical it is to have accurate measurements, especially when dealing with large shipments and large amounts of products. Browse our website today to receive a quote and reach out if you have any questions!