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Reliable and accurate conveyor belt scales can speed up production in your mining or other industrial application quickly and easily! Walz has been innovating and providing weight systems solutions to industries across the spectrum for nearly half a century! When you’re in need of a conveyor belt scale system that delivers pinpoint accuracy at an affordable cost, then you’ve made the right decision by trusting Walz with your business.

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Walz Belt Scale Solutions

  • Traditional belt scales offer totally in-motion weighing capabilities
  • Belt scales are highly efficient pieces of equipment
  • Belt scales are a much more convenient solution than permanent in-ground scales for most mining operations
  • Take advantage of increased throughput and productivity that is consistent with Walz Scale’s high standards
  • Belt scales have incredibly low operating costs
  • Conveyor belt scales from Walz are able to operate reliably even in rough conditions and harsh weather
  • Walz offers innovative solutions that go beyond traditional belt scales, like conveyor belt volumetric scanners, providing the solution that’s right for every business

Scale Solutions for All Businesses

Walz Scale’s first priority has always been to provide exceptional customer service. One of the ways in which we do this is by ensuring that all of our scales are of unparalleled quality, durability, and performance.

Conveyor belt scales can streamline productivity substantially, especially if you’re been relying on an in-ground weight system. In-motion weighing capabilities mean that production never needs to pause to record accurate weight values. The importance of maintaining accurate weight data is paramount to making the best possible decisions from a business owner’s standpoint. When money is made by the pound, you should only put your trust in a scale company with the years of experience and reliability that Walz can deliver.

We haven’t stopped with just scales, however. As technology advances, Walz remains innovative, keeping ahead of the curve and providing weight system solutions that make sense for all companies’ needs.
Have You Considered a Volumetric Belt Scanner?
Being a relatively new technology, you may not have considered the practical benefits that go along with installing a volumetric conveyor belt scanner. These scanners systems offer many of the same benefits as our scales systems, plus some advantages that you just can’t find in another solution, such as:

  • Elimination of variables such as moisture content that can result in inaccurate weight measurements
  • Ability to operate and record data at an increased speed from traditional methods
  • User-friendly interfaces and easy-to-use operating systems that anyone can use
  • Volumetric scanners are money-making machines, drastically reducing operational costs
  • And more!

A volumetric conveyor belt scanner may not be the solution that you’re looking for, but we wanted to ensure you that it is a reliable, viable, and affordable alternative to traditional scale systems. That said, Walz will continue to provide traditional scale systems that are unrivaled in the weight systems industry. Contact Walz today to speak with a scale specialist, and we’ll help you find the right solution for your business!

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