Dimensioning Systems

Dimensional Scanning & Weighing

The advanced dimensioning systems offered by Walz Scale utilize state-the-art dimensioning equipment and technology, while still providing an affordable solution. In addition to delivering seamless, accurate dimensional scanning and dimensional weighing capabilities, the cutting-edge dimensioning systems from Walz Scale offer the following capabilities:

  • Real Time Dimensional Parcel Measurements
  • Real Time Dimensioning and Parcel Weights
  • Integration Into Existing Shipping Systems
  • Dimensioning System Works With Windows Operating System

Affordable Dimensioning Systems for Shipping & Receiving

The dimensioning system from Walz Scale is a unique dimensional weighing and scanning device that combines an affordable price with high-tech dimensioning. The system is designed for accurate, reliable, and efficient capturing of shipment and production data (dimensions, weight, and ID), with performance comparable to market leaders but at a fraction of cost.

Walz Scale dimensioning systems combine the latest sensor technology, and years of experience in logistics for product that provides a reliable, robust, and versatile solution for long-term use. Unlike other dimensional weighing and scanning units, this system requires no on-site maintenance or calibration. Everything can be done through remote access support.

All Products Under Dimensioning Systems

Walz Belt Scanner

Advanced and affordable turn-key cubing, dimensional scanning and weighing system.

Walz Pallet Dimensional Scanner

Accurate dimensional data for palletized freight.