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Dump Truck Scales

Our dump truck scale systems offer precise results in tough conditions along with simple and efficient operation. Our dump trucks scales are fully-functional, seamlessly-integrated onboard scales that work with most dump trucks. Our onboard dump truck scale systems can be easily installed in just a few hours.

We also offer a range of other on-board scale solutions to fit your exact weighing needs.

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DT-100 Dump Truck Scale


  • Deflection transducer scale system
  • Standard Accuracy: +_ 2-3%
  • Kit includes
    • Deflection transducer & mounting
    • Digital weight terminal
    • Installation manual

DT-200 Dump Truck Scale


  • Load pin scale system
  • Standard Accuracy: +_ 1%
  • Kit includes
    • Shear pin cells, brackets & hydraulic sensor 
    • Digital weight terminal
    • Installation manual
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Dump Truck Scale Systems

onboard trailer scales

The dump truck scale system from Walz Scale offers simple operation and precise results in tough conditions. As fully-functional and seamlessly-integrated onboard scale, our dump truck scale works with most dump trucks. Additionally, these onboard  scale systems can be installed in just a few hours. Contact Walz Scale to lea more about our onboard scales, or see more on-board scale solutions.

Box Cubing Systems

Eliminate Overload Fines

Adding a Walz Dump Truck Scale System to your vehicle can pay big dividends in the reduction of overload fines.  Know your weights and operate in complete confidence.

Software-Supported Dimensional Weighing, Scanning, Dimensioning Systems

Model DT-100 Simplified Installation, Confident Weights

The DT-100 Series is designed to provide accurate weights while requiring limited installation costs.  This system utilizes deflection transducer technology interfaced to our DT weighing terminal.  The transducers mount directly on suspension components, measuring the components deflection, and converting the deflection into a corresponding weight that is displayed inside the cab.


Accuracy: +_ 2-3%

Installation: Minimal 


Advanced Cubing Dimensioning Systems

Model DT-200 High Accuracy Weighing

The DT-200 Series is designed to provide exceptional weighing accuracy on your dump trucks.  This system utilizes shear pin load cells and a hydraulic pressure sensors to determine the load in the vehicle.  The DT-200 system is the most accurate method to measure dump truck payload weights.  The standard system includes a full rear hinge assembly and bracket to replace the trucks existing hinge and bracket.  We also utilize a fully digital hydraulic pressure sensor to measure the pressure from the hoist cylinder, in conjunction with shear pin load cells to measure the weights at the rear hinge.  All of this measurement data is displayed within the cab for the operator.


Accuracy: +_ 1% 

Installation: Extensive