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Walz Scale's Yield Load Scanner System is revolutionary new technology that provides grain operations with an alternative solution for managing bushel load measurement.  

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YLS-1 Yield Load Scanner


  • Bushel load scanner
  • Accuracy +_ 1-3%
  • Designed for operations with a known truck fleet
  • Dynamic / in-motion load scanning operation
  • Built in ticketing system
  • Graphical 2D load images
  • Real time bushel volume measurement system 
  • Inputs for moisture and test weight
  • Ticketing system
  • Cloud based reporting for farm and field 
  • IOS/Android Interface 
  • Includes 12 month software subscription

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Walz Yield Load Scanner System

Pay Load Scanner for Trucks

Walz Scale's Yield Load Scanner System is revolutionary new technology that provides grain operations with an alterative solution for managing bushel load measurement.

Its time for Smarter Yield Measurement


Load Scanner Technology

The Future of Yield Management

Producers now have an alterative to the traditional truck scale or axle scale.  Our new Yield Load Scanner technology utilizes laser technology to scan and measure the bushel load in your open top vehicles.  This new solution in bushel measurement provides many benefits over truck scales, such as reduced costs, reduced maintenance expenses, and full portability.


Lower cost

Fully portable

Automated ticketing system

Low maintenance

Simple operation


Load Scanner Technology

How the Yield Load Scanner Works

The Walz Load Scanner System utilizes class I (eye safe) laser technology and advanced patent pending algorithms to provide a dynamic non contact solution for managing material truck loads.  The system works very similar to how you would operate a truck or axle scale.  Trucks are scanned both empty and loaded and the difference between the two is the actual bushel volume of material carried by the truck or wagon.


In-motion operation - simple setup - simple operation - high definition images per truck load - built-in ticketing system 


Truck Load Volume Scanner System Operations

System Components

The Walz Yield Load Scanner Systems ship with the following standard components.


Laser scanner - basic scanner mounting bracket - cabling - power supply - ticketing software - cloud based reporting




Portable Load Scan Systems

Permanent & Portable Load Scanner Systems

Walz Scanner systems are available for either permanent or portable operation.  Mount the scanner system to a trailer and you have an infield yield monitoring and ticketing system, or mount to your bin and measure each truck load as they arrive at the bin site.  Build your own mounting system or purchase one of ours to complete your yield measurement system.

Manage your harvest from any of your farms or fields


Portable Load Scan Systems

Portable Yield load Scanner 

Utilize our pre-built trailer systems, truck mount system or build your own.  The Walz Scanner Technology puts you in complete control of your yield data.



Portable Load Scan Systems

Built-In IOS / Android App or RFID Integration 

Automate your system with an RFID reader option or utilize our IOS / Android App to control the system from the cab of your trucks and tractors.  



Portable Load Scan Systems

Load Tickets on Every Load 

The included software includes the ability to print or email load tickets.  These load tickets provide all the required data from Bushel Load to moisture and test weight data. 



Portable Load Scan Systems

Enter and Manage Moisture and Test Weight 

If you are utilizing a moisture meter you can enter in your test weight and moisture for each load.  The system will then automatically calculate the net bushels.


Portable Load Scan Systems

Manage Yield Per Farm and Per Field 

Separate and manage yield production for each of your individual farms and fields.  The built-in reporting functionality will then allow for you to run reports and manage your data for sharing with your partners.



Portable Load Scan Systems

Manage Bin Inventory 

Track and manage bin inventory levels in real time.  Track both inbound and outbound loads with dynamic bin level adjustment.