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If you’re a professional in the aggregate industry, you need accurate measurements and weighing solutions on your worksites constantly. Walz Scale is proud to help individuals and companies in the United States and internationally ensure their resources are not wasted and better manage their time and manpower. If you’re transporting and managing various products for clients in the construction and building industries — such as stone, asphalt, concrete, or other materials — trust Walz Scale’s aggregate and gravel scales to give you the best result possible. Browse all of our harsh environment scales for your aggregate needs and ask us any questions you may have!





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It’s possible for your operation to require different types of gravel scales or other harsh environment scales in order to perform your job(s) properly. For world-class equipment and weighing solutions, look no further than Walz Scale; our catalog of heavy duty products is capable of handling all your different measurement and weighing needs:

  • Belt scanners. If you’re looking to take advantage of new aggregate scale technology and new types of gravel scales, Walz Scale is proud to have access to new volumetric scanning.Our own brand of belt scanners are designed to measure materials on a conveyor belt with up to 99 percent accuracy with a built-in ticketing system and cloud-based reporting.
  • Industrial load scanners. If you need to know the real-time number of your company trucks that are currently in motion, invest in the automatic calculations our industrial load scanners can provide. Slightly different than our other aggregate scales or gravel scales, take advantage of the ease of our 3D laser scanners for persons in aggregates and mining companies, road construction, and waste management.
  • Mining load scanner. Walz Scale is proud to announce we’ve developed and pioneered a new type of revolutionary aggregate scale technology for the mining industry. Our own WLS Payload Scanner is a critical tool for managing material truck loads in terms of position, volume, and density.
  • KP100 automated ticketing. Track all your company vehicles with our KP100 Automated Ticketing Kiosk, with easy-to-use ticketing slot, thermal ticket printer, and sturdy mild steel enclosure.
  • Onboard scales. If you’re a company owner or project manager looking for effective weighing solutions for all your loaded trucks, browse all our Walz Scale onboard aggregate scales and harsh environment scales. Find the right one to suit your specific needs online now!
  • Portable truck scales. For aggregate scales and other heavy duty scales you need on-site, browse our portable truck scales that can be easily moved from one location to another.

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Don't let minor mistakes pile up and prevent your company from operating as well as it should be. Walz Scale’s weighing solutions include everything needed for the aggregate industry, including gravel scales and other types of heavy duty scales or scanners. Trust our products to help you maintain checks and balances without ever slowing down! Browse our full collection online now to find what world-class technology is best for you!