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How Commercial Truck Scales Can Save You Money

Commercial truck scales have been used for decades to provide accurate measurements of the weight of loaded vehicles. Originally, these scales required the truck to be stationary, but as technology has advanced, these weight measurements can now be accurately determined while the truck remains in motion at a slow speed. These types of commercial scales can easily be installed or deployed on the property of businesses that require their trucks to be weighed.

Walz has been at the forefront of developing these truck scales, providing technologically advanced options that are available in different sizes and weighing capacities depending on their needed application. There are both portable and permanent options suitable for small farm operations as well as large-scale construction or mining projects. 

Business owners that depend on and make use of these truck scales on a daily basis do so because they require dependable and accurate data to ensure their operations continue without problems. This is one of the reasons why reliable commercial-grade truck scales are essential to several businesses, as they help to protect their income streams.

Dependable Truck Scales Can Save Money for Business Owners

When a company depends on commercial truck scales on a daily basis, investing in a high-quality scale is an important step toward saving potentially thousands of dollars that they may otherwise be paying in overloading fees associated with trucks being over the legal weight limit. Here are five ways that a dependable commercial truck scale can help your business save money:

Increased Efficiency

Consistently accurate truck scales help to ensure that your fleet of vehicles remains safely within the federal regulations and weight limits of your region. Not having to worry that your trucks could be the reason that your company is incurring losses, either by overloading fines or by being underloaded, should put your mind at ease. It’s a much better option to have the tools necessary to take advantage of loading the precise amount of material that your trucks are allowed to transport.

Avoid Unnecessary Fines and Penalties

When you use a reliably accurate commercial truck scale, you will avoid being fined by state or federal authorities for violating weight limits. Poor quality or malfunctioning truck scales make it almost impossible to get inaccurate readings, which could quickly get you into some hot water with set federal regulations. These associated fines and fees can be costly, and it’s much better to equip yourself with the scales necessary to avoid them altogether. 

Fewer Necessary Repairs

Fleet vehicles that are regularly overloaded beyond their allowed weight limit are especially prone to early wear and tear. When vehicles are overloaded, the vehicles’ wheels, axles, suspension, and other key parts are what takes the hit. Commercial truck scales, which in many models are over 99% accurate, help to prevent all of these problems by ensuring that your fleet is never overloaded beyond their structural or legal limits. Scales that help businesses stay within their legal limits in regards to weight capacity avoid the costly double-whammy of repair costs and state fines. 

Lower Costs

This is perhaps the most practical reason to invest in a commercial truck scale for your business. Rather than depend on an outside company to record weight data, a service for which has fees associated with it, your business can keep everything in-house. Additionally, an on-site truck scale lowers fuel costs associated with travel. While the initial investment in a high-quality truck scale may be expensive, it will more than pay for itself quickly in the myriad of ways that it saves your business money. 

Improved Load Accuracy

When you know that your truckload weight is right on the money, you’ll know for sure that your business is operating in the most cost-effective manner possible. Underloaded vehicles can result in lost profits, and overloaded vehicles can result in losses from unnecessary fines and penalties. The more accurate your scale system is, the better your profit stream will be. But why stop there? When your truck scale system is supplemented with even more advanced technology, like our volumetric truck scanning system, which can measure weight distribution and mass volume in seconds, your accuracy will skyrocket to levels you didn’t know were possible. 

Shop Commercial Truck Scales from Walz

If your company is in the market for a dependable, robust, and cost-effective commercial truck scale solution, then Walz is your one-stop-shop destination. We’ve been in the scale business for decades, honing our craft from one generation to the next. The result of our decades of experience is a line of truck, axle, and wheel scales that are a perfect fit for practically any operation. To speak with a scale professional, we invite you to call us or fill out our contact form. You’ll be promptly connected with a scale tech who will be happy to find the perfect commercial truck scale solution for your business. You can browse our entire line of commercial-grade truck scales here. We are able to handle much of our business locally in Illinois, but we also have both a national and global network of distributors, so your perfect truck scale solution is never too far away to be possible.