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How Truck Scales Streamline Your Logistics

The utility that truck scales offer to any industrial, agricultural, mining, or construction operation is never to be underestimated. The portable and permanent truck scale solutions offered by Walz Scale are designed to accurately measure the weight of loaded vehicles as they pass over them. These scales can be found almost everywhere that high truck traffic occurs, such as highway weight stations, mining quarries, and other weight-dependant operations. These truck scales can be installed above ground with access ramps, level with the ground in a dug pit, or as with many of Walz’s models, completely portable, moving from site to site with ease. How do these truck scales optimize the logistics of your operation? That’s what this article is going to further explore.

Truck Scales Save You Money

With a truck scale from Walz, the initial investment that you make in your scale purchase will pay off in cost savings the longer that you use the scales. Our truck scales can be installed in virtually any location or environment, and are designed to be able to allow trucks easy access regardless of the operation. Since our truck scales are built tough, with robust structural features, they’re resistant to many environmental factors, making wear and tear a minimal issue. Truck scales from Walz are also designed to minimize the possibility of damage to the trucks being weighed, which saves your company money on repair and maintenance costs that are associated with overloading. When you stay within the legal parameters regarding truckload weights, you’ll avoid the expensive fines and penalties associated with overweight trucks. Conversely, you’ll avoid potential losses caused by unintentionally underloading vehicles. 

Walz Truck Scales are Highly Accurate

We designed our truck scales to have load cells that take multiple measurements while trucks are passing over them. These highly accurate readings are collected and processed by the scale, and then delivered as an easily readable set of data regarding the vehicle’s weight at all positions and levels. With these accurate measurements, you can ensure that the trucks in your fleet do not exceed the weight restrictions that may be in place in your region. To maintain the accuracy of your truck scale’s weight measurements, it’s important to periodically calibrate the scales, which can be performed by a service provider. Walz can accomplish this calibration regionally, as well as recommend reputable services across the nation. This calibration allows you to detect measurement inaccuracies early and correct them before they start negatively impacting your operations. Walz Scale stands by the accuracy of our scales — we’ve been fine-tuning and innovating in the truck scale field for decades, all so that we can be confident in being the most-trusted name in the business.

Truck Scales Improve Efficiency

Truck scales are manufactured in a variety of types and sizes in order to accommodate the widest range of applications. Some truck scales can also be customized to specific locations and the usage needs of individual operations. With the correct truck scale, you can boost your operation’s productivity, speed up the weighing process, and increase efficiency. Modern truck scales include enhanced features that are designed to reduce the amount of time, manpower, and cost required for weighing. Some of these innovative options that are available include easy-to-read digital output displays, automated vehicle classification capabilities, over-and under-loading alerts, configurable report generation, real-time, networkable data sharing, and, as is the case with Walz scales, integration to smart devices, including iOS and Android. 

Truck Scales Minimize Human Error

The use of smart truck scales creates benefits that go beyond simply weighing. Not only do these enhanced truck scales maximize the accuracy and efficiency of your truckloads, but the integrated software can be utilized to improve data tracking and control in every facet of your logistics operation.

Trust Walz Scale For Your Truck Scale Solution

Our modern truck scales include software solutions that minimize human error and automate the collection and transfer of data. This instant data management process helps you streamline your inventory, as well as your accounting and invoice creation. Truck scales are a worthwhile investment in practically any application which involves transportation and providing logistics. Walz Scale can help you make the right choice for your company, so we encourage you to contact one of our scale professionals today! We can provide service locally in Illinois, and also have both a nationwide and global network of distributors, so your truck scale solution is within reach no matter where your business is located. Contact us today!