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We offer two forklift / lift truck scales, both with extreme durability and reliability due to our advanced sensor technology.  Our hydraulic model on-board forklift scale system, the LT-100, is an ideal solution for those looking to track production data and freight loads.  In-field installation provides consistent weights thanks to our integral weighing system behind our hydraulic forklift scales.

Our LT-200 lift truck / forklift scale system provides significantly increased weighing accuracy dur to our load cell sensor technology. 

Features of our lift truck forklift weighing systems:

  • Scale Works With All Lift and Fork Trucks
  • Lift Truck Scales offer Full Range of Capacities
  • Hydraulic and Strain Gage Models Available
  • Load Cell Models Available


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LT-100 Lift Truck Scale


  • Hydraulic scale system
  • Kit includes weight terminal, pressure sensor, & manual
  • Simple installation
  • DC power
  • Designed for heavy duty industrial use
  • Not legal for trade
  • Hydraulic fittings not included
  • Accuracy 95% or better

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LT-300 Lift Truck Scale


  • Advanced lift truck scale 
  • Accuracy 99% or better
  • Kit includes weight terminal, weighing frame, and cabling
  • Dynamic weighing
  • LCD display
  • Optional printer connection
  • USB port
  • Legal for Trade options available 
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Accurate On-board Forklift Scale Details

Accurate On-board Forklift Scale

The hydraulic, on-board forklift scale system is the ideal solution for producers looking to track production data and freight loads.  The integral weighing system behind our hydraulic forklift scales allows for field installation and provides consistent weights.

Durable Forklift Scales

Durable Forklift Scales

The extreme durability and reliability of our hydraulic on-board forklift scales is due to our  sensor technology.  Guaranteed reliability can be achieved and have been realized with the thousands of systems installed world wide.

Lift Truck Scale Interface

Operator Interface

The LT-100 driver interface equipped on all lift truck scales and forklift scales has been designed to provide operators with all the tools necessary to perform their operations efficiently and accurately.  The construction of the housing was designed to work day-in and day-out in the worlds toughest environments.

Onboard Lift Truck Scales

Complete Kit

The LT-100 Series ships as a complete kit that includes the following

  • Weighing display
  • Pressure sensor
  • Installation manual
  • Operation manual
  • Optional machine specific hydraulic fittings are also available 


Onboard Lift Truck Scales

Optional Printer

The LT-100 Series can be interfaced to our onboard ticket printer.