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We offer two forklift / lift truck scales, both with extreme durability and reliability due to our advanced sensor technology.  Our hydraulic model on-board forklift scale system, the LT-100, is an ideal solution for those looking to track production data and freight loads.  In-field installation provides consistent weights thanks to our integral weighing system behind our hydraulic forklift scales.

Our LT-200 lift truck / forklift scale system provides significantly increased weighing accuracy dur to our load cell sensor technology. 

Features of our lift truck forklift weighing systems:

  • Scale Works With All Lift and Fork Trucks
  • Lift Truck Scales offer Full Range of Capacities
  • Hydraulic and Strain Gage Models Available
  • Load Cell Models Available


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LT-100 Lift Truck Scale


  • Hydraulic scale system
  • Kit includes weight terminal, pressure sensor, & manual
  • Simple installation
  • DC power
  • Designed for heavy duty industrial use
  • Not legal for trade
  • Hydraulic fittings not included
  • Accuracy 95% or better

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WK60XS-LTS Lift Truck Scale


  • Advanced lift truck scale 
  • +_ 1% error
  • Kit includes weight terminal, pressure sensors, proximity switch & machine specific fittings
  • Dynamic weighing
  • 5" Color touch screen display
  • Optional printer connection
  • USB port
  • Built-in Wifi
  • Cloud reporting functionality
  • Calibrations for multiple attachments
  • 250 records of weighing data storage
  • Simple plug and play installation

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Accurate On-board Forklift Scale Details

Accurate On-board Forklift Scale

The hydraulic, on-board forklift scale system is the ideal solution for producers looking to track production data and freight loads.  The integral weighing system behind our hydraulic forklift scales allows for field installation and provides consistent weights.

Durable Forklift Scales

Durable Forklift Scales

The extreme durability and reliability of our hydraulic on-board forklift scales is due to our  sensor technology.  Guaranteed reliability can be achieved and have been realized with the thousands of systems installed world wide.

Lift Truck Scale Interface

Operator Interface

The LT-100 driver interface equipped on all lift truck scales and forklift scales has been designed to provide operators with all the tools necessary to perform their operations efficiently and accurately.  The construction of the housing was designed to work day-in and day-out in the worlds toughest environments.

Onboard Lift Truck Scales

Complete Kit

The LT-100 Series ships as a complete kit that includes the following

  • Weighing display
  • Pressure sensor
  • Installation manual
  • Operation manual
  • Optional machine specific hydraulic fittings are also available 


Onboard Lift Truck Scales

Optional Printer

The LT-100 Series can be interfaced to our onboard ticket printer.  



Wheel Loader Scale

Loader Scales for Accurate Production Data

Our wheel loader scale systems are the ideal solution for producers looking to track production data, maximize truck loading and eliminate overloads. Unlike other wheel loader scales, the advanced Pfreundt loader scale systems allow for field installation and provides consistent accurate weights.

When it comes to dependable, full-functional loader scales, Walz Scale is an industry leader in heavy-duty weighing systems for large hauling vehicles like wheel loaders. Equipped with an easy-to-use digital readout display installed in the wheel loader cab, our onboard loader scales provide the ultimate in convenience and accuracy without needed frequent calibration.

Loader Scale Sensor

Multiple Display Options

You have multiple choices when choosing a loader scale from Walz Scale.  We offer a variety of display options that give operations more choices.  We can tailer a scale system that is designed to meet your exact application needs.  Don't pay for too much scale, choose the right scale for your application.

Wheel Loader Scale Interface

Touch Interfaces NOW Available

Our new generation of touch based displays are set to revolutionize how operations run their loaders.  These new display units have been designed specifically to make operators lives easier when operating a scale system.  These new displays have the look and feel of a tablet or smart phone, with simple tile based navigation and adjustable brightness.  

Features of Loader Scales

Simple Installation

One of our goals in creating these new displays was to create a scale system that was extremely easy to install.  We wanted to give our customers the choice to install their own scales.  Now they can.  We have completely revolutionized how scale systems are installed.  We have eliminated the need for wire terminations within the indicator, now all of our sensors include waterproof plugs that simply plug into the back of the display.  This new wheel loader scale system is really plug and play.


Image of Roll Off Scale System

Install Your Scale in 3 Easy Steps

The plug and play scale system is here.  Follow the simple steps below to see the 3 simple steps to installing one of our wheel loader scale systems.

Image of Roll Off Scale System

Step 1

Locate and mount the scale display

If utilizing one of our new touch screen based systems, you will notice that we utilize a simple RAM mount system for mounting the display within the cab.  This new RAM mount system creates greater adjustability for the display allowing for simple adjustments for each operator.  

Loader Scale Data Collection

Step 2

Install the hydraulic pressure sensors 

The hydraulic pressure sensors are installed directly into the hydraulic system.  Our digital pressure sensors tu the hydraulic pressure into measurable weight and have been patented to provide extreme overload protection and durability.  

Loader Weigh Scale Communication

Step 3

Mount the proximity sensor

The proximity sensor is used to determine when to capture the weight in the bucket.  This allows for the system to operate dynamically or in-motion.  Meaning that there in NO need to stop to get the weight from the bucket.  The weights are captured automatically when the bucket is lifted passed this proximity sensor.


Image of Roll Off Scale System

Local Support for Loader Scales & On-board Systems

We are North America's largest on-board scale service force, providing local support to our customers.  Loader scale installations, calibrations and onsite service support are available locally through our network of service offices.  Give us a call if you would like for us to schedule your scale installation for you.


Loader Weigh Scale Communication

Looking for Advanced Options

We have them

We offer our customers with the options to customize and build their perfect system.  From 4G cellular connectivity to ticket printers, we have an option to fit your requirements.  Below are a few of the most common options that we offer.


Image of Roll Off Scale System

Ticket Printers

Add a ticket printer to your scale system to provide written load documentation.  Our ticket printer options are designed to work seamlessly with all of our scale models.

Image of Roll Off Scale System

USB Data Download

For those looking for a simple option for saving and downloading weight and truck data, we have the option to add a USB data stick download.  All the weight data is stored on teh USB stick and then can be downloaded on any PC for managing of the weight data.

Image of Roll Off Scale System

Cloud Based Reporting

For those looking for real time cloud based data management we have the solution.  Our Cloud based reporting system provides operations with real time data on a wealth of parameters.  This is the ideal solution for operations looking to manage multiple sites from the comfort of any smart phone or tablet.