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In Motion Rail Scale Unit

 In-Motion Rail Car Weigh Scale

Our in-motion rail scale systems are designed for portable or permanent installations, delivering accurate weights both dynamically or statically.  No other rail car weigh scales on the market offer this level of portability and accuracy. Weigh rail cars dynamically in motion, or statically, depending on your operation's weighing processes.

Portable Railroad Scale Technology

Rail Weigh Scales

Dependable Rail Car Scale Construction

Our in-motion rail scales are built from the highest quality grade materials to provide exceptional service life in the harshest of environments. Designed to withstand moisture, mud, debris, and other elements that can corrode a scale over time, our rail weigh scales last several years with no signs of depreciation.


Superior Construction & Dependability

In Motion Rail Car Weigh Scale

Portable Rail Weigh Scale Operation

This rail weigh scale system is truly portable. Rail car weigh scales can be installed onsite in under 30 minutes.  The bolt-in design eliminates the need to do any track modifications, allowing you to be up and weighing without the need for track maintenance personnel. 

Train Rail Car Weighing Scale System

Dynamic Rail Car Weighing

Our in-motion rail scale system is the proven leader in dynamic or in-motion rail car weighing.  Exceptional accuracies are achieved thanks to the revolutionary design and embedded WIM algorithms in the weighing software.  This dynamic weighing function increases throughput and allows operations to quickly weigh all of their rail assets. Ideal for a range of applications spanning from mining to farming, our dynamic rail car weigh scales provide the level of accuracy, functionality, and dependability many companies seek in their weighing operation.

Dynamic / In-Motion Weighing Scales for Rail Cars

Full Train Scales for Rail Car Weighing

Full Train Weighing Systems

Rail weigh systems are also available for full car/train weighing. These train weighing scale systems are ideal for operations looking to verify car weights and balancing. We can help you determine the precise specifications and set-up of the type of train scale system you're needed.

Full Train Scale Systems

In-motion Rail Scale for Trains

Advanced Weight Management Software

Advanced weighing system software is available to improve overall data collection functionality of your in-motion railcar weigh scale.  This software has been incorporated by rail industry experts to better manage their car and locomotive weights. Unlike other suppliers of rail car weighing scales and systems, we integrate this powerful software for all clients investing in rail/train scales from Walz.

Manage Your Weight Data

In-motion train scale system

Simple Installation of In-motion Rail Scales

Click on the link below to view a short video detailing the installation process of a stand in-motion rail scale. These portable rail scales are very easy to set-up and move from one part of train track to another. 

Payload Pros Rail Scale Rentals

Rent In-motion Rail Weigh Scales

Walz Scale offers rental rail weight scale units for customers requiring short term weighing needs.  For more information on our onsite weighing services and in-motion rail scale rental solutions, please visit our onsite weighing services page.

Rail Scale Solutions from Payload Pros



Rail Scale

  • In-Motion Rail Scale
  • Portable operation
  • Install in under 30 minutes
  • Dynamic rail car weighing
  • Heavy duty design
  • Rental units also available




Rail Scale

  • Fixed rail scale
  • Designed to measure rail car axle weights
  • 2 measurements required per rail car
  • Provides axle and total rail car weights
  • Package includes:
    • (4) rail weighing sections
    • Pre-drilled joint bars
    • Junction box
    • Walz 7000 controller
  • Pricing for 115RE Rail shown (call for other rail sizes)




Rail Scale

  • Fixed rail scale
  • 1 measurements required per rail car
  • Provides axle and total rail car weights
  • Package includes:
    • (8) rail weighing sections
    • Pre-drilled joint bars
    • Junction box
    • Walz 7000 controller
  • Pricing for 115RE Rail shown (call for other rail sizes)



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