Lift Truck Scales

Optimize Your Forklift Operations With Onboard Scale Systems

What Is a Lift Truck Scale?

Commercial and industrial operations all over the world use lift trucks, also referred to as forklifts, on a daily basis to get their jobs done. Many of these operations rely on accurately measured and recorded weight data, especially when moving large amounts of product or materials. Lift truck scales are a weight management scale system that can be built directly into the forklift, practically removing the necessity of bringing material to a static floor scale to collect weight data. These onboard scale systems use a hydraulic sensor to measure the resistance of whatever the lift truck is carrying, collecting accurate weight data in real-time. In most cases, this is put to use in operations where large amounts of product or materials are loaded into or out of cargo vehicles or warehouses.

The Most Common Industry Applications for Lift Truck Scales:

  • Industrial Factories
  • Production Floors
  • Distribution Centers
  • Truck Loading Facilities
  • Cargo Loading Facilities
  • Agricultural Operations
  • Food Handling Services
  • Commercial Retail Warehouses

Real-Time Data Collection

Fast & Easy Installation

Highly Accurate Measurements

Cost-Effective Weight System Solution

RV-2021-04-19_Common Industry Applications for Lift Truck Drivers

How Does an Onboard Lift Truck Scale Work?

Onboard forklift scales use a hydraulic sensor that is installed directly into your forklift. This highly sensitive and durable sensor can quickly measure the weight of whatever product or materials are being lifted by your equipment, and relay that information directly to the operator of the forklift on an easy-to-read digital display. Being able to collect this important data during operation means that the extra step of weighing product on a static scale is eliminated, cutting down on transport time, shortening your routes, and benefiting your bottom line by reducing the costs involved in shipment and loading. Typically, forklift scales can accurately measure weights in excess of 3,000 pounds, although more advanced models can go above and beyond this measurement.

Features of Walz Scale’s Onboard Lift Truck Scales

  • Dynamic “Weigh-In-Motion” Technology
  • Scale Accuracy of 97% or Better Depending on Model
  • Simple and Fast Installation
  • Display Weight in Pounds or Kilograms
  • Operates on DC Power Wired Directly Into the Lift Truck
  • Industry-Leading Digital Display Quality

Find Your Lift Truck Scale Solution Today

Are you ready to dramatically improve the efficiency of your warehouse or distribution center operations with the installation of onboard forklift scales? Walz has been in the business of industrial scales for decades, providing operations all over the globe with the weight data collection systems they need to be successful. Contact one of our lift truck scale professionals today to find the best forklift scale solution for you! We can handle local deliveries in Illinois, and also have both a national and global network of distributors. Rest assured that your lift truck scale solution is close at hand, no matter where your operation is located.

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