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Material Handler Scale

Our material handler scales works are the ideal solution for material handlers and all of your material handling weighing needs. Our material handling scales work with both grapple and magnet attachments and are robustly constructed for precise weighing in tough conditions.

Our material handler scales are field serviceable, compact in design, and provide a simple and efficient user interface. Our weigh in-motion material handling scale solutions are also field-installable for easy mobile applications. 

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BGW Material Handler Scale


  • High accuracy material handler scale
  • +_ 1% error
  • Kit includes weight terminal, scale assembly, stick and attachment connections & manual
  • Dynamic weighing
  • Works with grapples & magnets
  • Optional printer connection
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Accurate production data

The material handler scale system is the ideal solution for producers looking to track production data.  The integral weighing system allows for field installation and provides consistent accurate weights in motion.

Material Handler Scales and Weighing

Extreme Durability

The patented design of the BGW scale system has been field tested and proven to deliver reliable and accurate weights in-motion for our customers.  No other material handler scale system on the market provides the level of overload protection and accuracy that the BGW series provides.

Material Handler Scale Display

Driver Interface

The WK50 driver interface of the material handler scale has been designed to provide operators with advanced tools for managing their production.  The WK50 weighing terminal has the capability to provide recipe formulation and inventory tracking for blending operations.

Material Handler Weighing Scale

In-Motion Weighing

The BGW excavator scale system is built for precise in-motion weighing in tough industrial applications.  The ability for the BGW scale system to work with both grapple and magnets, makes it the ideal choice for scrap and metal processors. 

Image of Roll Off Scale System


Perhaps one of the most important features of any weighing terminal is the screen.  The backlit LCD display featured on all of our weighing terminals delivers easy to view data, day and night.

On-board Material Handler Scale

Grapple & Magnets

The BGW series of scales works with both grapple and magnet attachments providing accurate in-motion weighing.  Allowing operations to eliminate dead freight and overload fines.

Material Handler Weigh Scale

Collecting Weight Data

The WK50 weighing terminal comes pre-loaded with advanced data collection functionality.  


Communication Options

Share payload data across your site, and to the operations that need the data. Real time connectivity.

Material Handler Scale Support

Local Support

We are North America's largest on-board scale service force, providing local support to our customers.  Installations, calibrations and onsite service support are available locally through our network of service offices.

Material Handler Scales

Certified Test Weights

Walz Scale offers certified test weights for scale calibrations and accuracy verifications.  Our ability to bring these certified weights to your site, provides our customers with scale systems that are proven accurate.