AGWEIGH Testimonial from Wisconsin

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Wisonsin Family see's big benefits from their AGWEIGH Truck Scale & Software



"The scale we purchased from Walz Scale has proved to be an essential, irreplaceable investment for our farm operation. In conjunction with their scale software, Yield Pro, Walz Scale has allowed me to manage my grain inventory with a level of accuracy and confidence required to maximize our profits. 


Working with Jonathan Kettle, we were able to customize the Yield Pro software to meet our farm's specific needs. With its built in shrink calculation, individual bin level tracker, and custom export reports, we now have the precise control over our grain inventory we never had before.


The remote weight display, weight capture indicator, and RFID tags on my trucks makes weighing in and out much more efficient by eliminating the need to continuously get in and out of the truck to punch your ticket.


With the entire installation taking just a weekend, our new scale system from Walz Scale was operational and ready to help us begin maximizing our profit. 


With all these great features, excellent customer support, and most importantly, a very reasonable price tag, I would recommend this solution from Walz Scale to anyone looking to manage and track their operation more efficiently and confidently."