The Future of Payload Management & Heavy-duty Weighing Systems

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 Tags: mining scale, axle scales, payload management, load scanner, truck scales, mining, in-motion, weigh-in-motion, load volume scanner, on-board, portable

Truck scales and heavy-duty weighing systems are very vital tools for payload management and weighing loads of extracted resources and mined materials. Truck scales come many different designs which depend on the weighing operations or other application requirements. Payload Management Mining Truck Scales

While there're many types of heavy-duty weighing systems and truck scales available, here we will highlight three very advanced weighing systems that have completely revolutionized payload management processes for mining. We will also discuss how these systems have facilitated more efficient payload management and weighing operations.

On-board Truck Scales

on-board truck scale readoutOn-board truck scales and weighing systems, are integrated onto vehicles and provide the weight of the vehicles that integrate it without requiring external weighing systems. They are seamlessly installed on the chassis of the trucks with the interface given on the driver’s cab.

On-board truck scales offer several following advantages such as:

  • On-board weighing systems are versatile and can be integrated to many different types of trucks and load-bearing equipment (i.e. conveyors, grain carts, loaders, etc.).
  • Most on-board truck scales feature in-cab digital indicators to streamline payload management.
  • On-board weighing systems are well designed to withstand high loads and ease usability.

on-board weighing scaleOn-board weighing scales are designed with in-built modules which are installed around the truck’s axles and frame. Based on pressure sensors and hydraulics, these systems are capable of directly calculating load weight from the trucks while they are moving. The on-board truck scales work by monitoring the changes in the electrical resistance produced by the strain created by the load. This enables operators and drivers to know the truck weight at any point in time, providing the ultimate weighing system for efficiency and convenience.

On-board weighing systems can be customized to match specific company's weighing requirements, but their basic design wires the system through the truck ignition switch and the display. The wiring makes sure there is instant application. The system gets activated once the truck gets ignited and drivers can't alter anything without proper authorization. The drivers monitor the truck load using the display while alarm tones are in place to warn them when their trucks surpass the standard weight.

In-Motion Axle Scales

portable truck scalesIn-motion axle scales (also known as weigh-in-motion truck scales and weigh-in-motion wheel weighers) are capable of measuring the weight of trucks while they move over the scale at slow speeds of 3-5 MPH. These highly-efficient truck scales are portable and are usually installed on weigh systems designed specifically to weigh trucks and their loads in high-volume environments, such as large ag producers, mining operations, and even highway weighing stations. In addition to calculating the load weight of vehicles with proper calibration, these in-motion wheel weighers also measure axle and gross weight when the trucks are in highway speeds.

In-motion truck scale systems are great a great advancement because they increase throughput while reducing stoppage times. They utilize high-end technology comprising of sensors made from quartz crystals which only sense the normal forces acting on them. They therefore don't measure friction and truck’s speed leaving focus only on the trucks' weight. See this type of truck scale in action below.

Weigh-in-motion axle scales are a very cost effective method of monitoring heavy duty trucks traveling over highways. They also are long-lasting and flexible having been made using very durable materials. They can withstand even the harshest conditions for example in mining and can be adjusted to incorporate greater options to better suit specific conditions of operation.

Volumetric Load Scanner Systemsload volume scanner

The load volume scanner is a laser scanning system that is capable of generating and displaying volumetric 3D images which are be used to convert volume metrics into weight metrics. The load volume scanners are completely different from other forms of weighing technology in that they don't weigh loads directly, but rather use volumetric scanning to generate 3D images of the payloads. In short, the load volume scanner serves as one of the most affordable and efficient tools for mining companies.

With basic inputs defining material density and the general weight per cubic metric, these system can scan volume data and convert it to weight. Load volume scanners have software-integrated solutions which allow operators and truckers to manage all loads from their excavators or heavy duty vehicles. The load volumetric scanner systems provide high definition in-motion images at the fingertips of operators. These laser scanning systems are highly accurate, very fast and simple to install. Farmers, agricultural producers, mining industries and large produce businesses can use this to easily determine the actual weights of loaded trucks.