Galvanized Truck Scales


Walz provides galvanized finish option to our AGWEIGH line of truck scales.  The galvanized finish is ideal for applications in corrosive environments. 

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Heavy Haulers Trust in Walz Scale


Oversized haulers are looking to Walz to verify legal axle load weights on their shipments.  This customer is utilizing our AXW-20 Series.  Built from a solid piece of aluminum, these scales are simple to transport and provide exceptional accuracies.

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Farm Truck Scale


Our Farm Truck Scales have been a very popular solution for farmers all over the USA.  These scales systems have been designed to allow farmers to perform their own installation saving them thousands of dollars.  

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Portable Truck Scale


Another portable truck scale going out.  Our portable AXHD scales have proven to be one of the most robust and accurate systems available.  We have over designed these AXHD scales with over sized double ended shear beam load cells, stainless steel protected load cell cable and removable ramps.  If you are looking for a high accuracy portable truck scale our AXHD model is right for you.

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