CertainTeed Rail Scanner


CertainTeed invests in the Walz Rail Scanner System to improve material tracking and rail ticketing.  The rail scanner system was installed in 1 day and was tested to meet Union Pacific Railroad Accuracy Requirements.  

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Hindustan Zinc


Hindustan Zinc implements the Walz Payload Scanner Systems into their multiple mine locations throughout India.  The addition of this technology allows Hindustan Zinc to monitor and track production data in real time.  Tracking and managing Load factor and fill factor data on each load.

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Walz Belt Scanner


Walz to release new technology for operations running conveyor belts.  The new Walz Belt Scanner System is designed to provide high accuracy material measurement on virtually any belt.  This new non-contact technology eliminates the existing maintenance and calibration issues that producers face when utilizing conventional belt scales.

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Walz Rail Car Load Scanner


Walz develops in-motion volumetric rail car measurement system. Customers can now accurately manage carried load volumes in rail cars within +_ 1%.  This new game changing technology is poised to revolutionize how many mange operations track and manage inbound and outbound material loads.

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Autonomous Payload Monitoring for Quarries


More and more quarries are integrating our Autonomous Payload Monitoring System to track actual production.  Here a customer in the Bahamas is utilizing our system to accurately track salt production.  The cloud based reporting feature also allows their corporate offices in the USA to monitor production in real time remotely. 

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Volume & Material Density for Mines


Our Payload Scanner being used in a large mine to measure and verify load volumes and material density.

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Vehicle Profiling Systems


Walz partners with IDOT to supply our advanced vehicle profiling systems for use at state weigh stations and portable checkpoint inspections.  The vehicle profiling system provides accurate vehicle measurements along with graphical 2D imagry to help in the automated monitoring of vehicle dimensions.

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Walz Releases New Subscription Based Service


Our new subscription based service allows operations to utilize our newest technologies at an affordable monthly rate.  Billed annually this subscription service includes our full software suite along with cloud based reporting and technical support.  Subscription services are available for as little as $150 per month.

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Walz Scanner for FEMA


Walz develops solution for FEMA to help in the automatic struck capacity measurement for the validation of truck and trailer capacity certificates.  This new system automates and eliminates the requirement for hand measurement of capacities. 

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