Mulch Load Scanning

Tuesday, March 28

Mulch operations are embracing our volumetric scanner technology to improve accuracies on both inbound and outbound loads.  The results are real and mulch operations are seeing great results with happier customers and accurate stockpile inventory levels.

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Tuesday, March 14

Codelco in Chile, one of the worlds largest producers of Copper.  Installs the Walz Scanner System to verify load placement, volume and material density on their Komatsu and Liebherr haulage assets.  The use of this new scanning technology allows the mine sites to verify load data in real time, and use this data to improve production and profitability.

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Caterpillar Inc.

Tuesday, February 28

Caterpillar Inc. looks to Walz to help provide accurate load volume and load position analysis on multiple field studies throughout the US.  The addition of the Walz Scanner enables Caterpillars engineers to provide improved site performance metrics to their customers.  Knowing load weight, load position, load volume and material density allows Caterpillars customers to fine tune their operational performance and improve their business operations.

If your running an aggregate or mining operation, the Walz Load Scanner can provide real time performance metrics on your haulage and loading operation.

Give us a call to learn more about how we can help your business improve.

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US Ecology

Tuesday, February 28

US Ecology pilots the Walz Waste Load Scanner at their Nevada Site to improve volume measurements on their incoming waste loads. US Ecology offers premier environmental, field and industrial services. Through their nationwide network of TSDFs, extensive fleet of equipment, and highly trained professionals. 

The ability to now leverage the supreme accuracy of the Walz Scanner System allows US Ecology to better support their customers.  The Walz Scanners were positioned directly over their existing truck scale to allow for a seamless operation without disruption to existing truck flow.

To learn more about our Waste Load Scanner, Please feel free to give us a call 

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Leiffer Excavating

Tuesday, February 28

We were happy to showcase and demo our Walz Scanner System to Leiffer Construction from Florida.  They flew into the Peoria, IL airport, where we picked them up and provided the demonstration and instruction for the system.  The meeting went so well that they decided to purchase the portable scanner trailer system on the spot and drive it back down to Florida.  

Leiffer Construction had recently viewed a demonstration on a competitive system just the week prior, and were very pleased to have chosen the Walz Scanner over the competition.

Good luck boys, hope you have a safe trip home.

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