New Volumetric Load Scanner Technology for the Biomass and Mulch Industries

Wednesday, December 17, 2014 Tags: load scanner, payload scanner, mulch scanner, biomass scanner, volume load scanner, volumetric load scanner

Walz Scale develops revolutionary 3D Payload Scanning Technology for the waste, biomass and mulch industry.  This new technology incorporates laser scanners and advanced data management software to provide operations with an accurate and cost effective means of determining the actual volume of material in trucks. 

Walz Load Scanner

Unlike standard truck scales the Walz Payload Scanner operates while the vehicle is in-motion; delivering real time load volumes and increasing vehicle throughput at your yard.

Multiple configurations are available from permanent or block mounted systems to fully mobile systems that are mounted to trailers; allowing operations to manage their loads at multiple locations with ease.


Functionality behind the Load Scanner System

With the load scanner system, trucks are scanned both loaded and empty to obtain the actual carried bed volume.  The empty scans for each truck can also be saved within the system system to eliminate the need to re-scan the trucks empty.  


The Walz scanning system is incredibly accurate, taking away the need for guessing or manually counting truck loads.  

These scanners can be run and accessed remotely making them hands free. A scanning location can be set up and run without the need of staff. Information gathered from the system is stored locally with the option to upload the data to our web based cloud reporting site. Allowing managers to monitor their operations in real time from their mobile phones or tablets.

Not only is this scanning system accurate, it’s also reliable. It can be left to operate on its own without the need of maintenance or servicing for years in different weather and climate conditions.  

Load Scanner Features

The systems offers a complete platform of features for payload management, some of which include:Load Scan Interface

3D Imaging - You are able to see, in real time, what is being carried by each truck. The scan produces a report that gives insight on load position, material compaction, spillage, and carry back. All of this can be seen through the images the system produces.

Mounting Hardware - The scanning system is mounted so that it will rest above the trucks. It is design to be durable through different weather and terrain conditions. Trucks just need to drive under the scanning post. There is no physical contact. It’s easily installed in just minutes.

Payload Pro Operating Platform - You are able to manage the information retrieved from each truck remotely. From a computer or a mobile device, the system is operated from the desired location of the owner. Cloud data syncing is also available to access data from anywhere with internet connection.

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