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When the business you run makes its money by the pound, every weight measurement means money saved or money lost. Accurate scale systems, like Walz Scales Floor and Pallet Scale systems, are the solution to keeping track of every pound that comes into or out of your warehouse. For decades, Walz has been providing customers with durable, dependable, and highly accurate scale systems for any application, and we have a system solution for any budget.

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Our pallet scales can provide your business with:

  • 25 square feet of weight-sensitive scale surface, perfect for weighing pallets, inventory, livestock, and more
  • Weight capacities of up to 5,000 lbs
  • Epoxy paint finishes, making keeping your scales clean easy
  • Terminal display included with each pallet scale
  • Each pallet scale has been pre-calibrated and is ready to use immediately!
  • NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program) approved models

How You Benefit from Pallet Scales

If your commercial retail, industrial, agricultural or mining company deals with large quantities of materials on a daily basis, and the efficiency of your business relies on accurate weight data, then you are in need of dependable and accurate pallet scales. Walz can be your solution, with models that have surface areas of up to 25 square feet. Ensure that you know exactly where every cent of your inventory is ending up! This is especially true if you are dealing with large, heavy, or oversized objects.

Commercial retail can find usefulness in dependable pallet scales by being able to record the volume of product going through their receiving area and then out to store shelves. It’s not uncommon for grocery and retail stores to have over 10,000 items in their inventory, which is a lot to keep track of! No job is too big for Walz pallet scale systems— their durable design can handle anything a retail or grocery store can throw at them.

Agricultural and veterinary services need to be able to weigh animals that can weigh in excess of thousands of pounds. Accurate weights of these animals helps ranchers and veterinarians gain valuable insight about the animal’s health, and how much feed is appropriate for their weight. The utility that comes with a pallet scale for farm and vet applications is invaluable!

Industrial manufacturers require a pallet scale out of sheer necessity— warehouses should come with a pallet scale built right in! When you need to handle a large volume of equipment, crates, pallets, containers, or anything else industrial manufacture requires, then having an accurate pallet scale weight system will be invaluable to you.

Food industries, such as bigger restaurants or food businesses that output a lot of product on a regular basis benefit greatly from the usefulness of a pallet scale. Consistency in recipes and food preparation is vital in the restaurant business, and pallet scales that are dependable and accurate help to ensure prepared meal after prepared meal remains delicious.

Contact the experts at Walz Scale to learn more about how your business can benefit from dependable, durable pallet scale systems! We look forward to providing your business with the scale solutions that it needs to be successful!

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