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Permanent Mining Axle Scales

Installing our Walz Scale AXM-P Series permanent mining scales at your mine site provides a great deal of benefits over our portable mining scale systems. Having a scale system always available allows mine sites to manage overloads on their haulage assets at any time.  This enables mines to better manage real and perceived overloads in the pit, while a portable scale is only available when you set them up.  

Overall operational costs are also reduced as the site is not required to incur the blade time and labor costs associated with setting up and tearing down the portable scale systems.

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AXM-P Series Mining Axle Scales

Image of Roll Off Scale System

The AXW-P Series mining axle scales are a permanently-mounted axle scale system with axle capacities of 800 Tons.  This solution provides extremely accurate weights for ultra class haul trucks. 

AXW-P  800 Ton Axle Capacity



Image of Roll Off Scale System

Mining Scale Construction

The AXM-P Series mining axle scale is built from high strength steel, utilizing oversized I-beams and steel plate.  This scale system will provide many, many years of trouble free operation in the field.

Heavy Duty Construction



Image of Roll Off Scale System

Concrete Scale Foundation

The permanent design of this mining scale system incorporates a concrete foundation that provides superior benefits over portable scale systems.  Unlike traditional axle scale system, these foundations allow for easy maintenance and cleaning of the foundation and scales, providing a longer service life to the scales. 




Image of Roll Off Scale System

Unattended Operation

The design of the AXM-P Series mining axle scales is ideal for mine sites looking to automate the weighing process for managing overload waing and managing OTR tires.  The integrated digital weighing technology allows for real time connection to your mine dispatch office or shovel operators.

Real Time Payload Data



Image of Roll Off Scale System

Payload Scanner Integration

The permanent nature of this mining scale system is also ideal for integrating our 3D Pay Load Scanner into the weighing process.  This allows for the management of weight data along with load diagnostics all in real time.

Load Management



Image of Roll Off Scale System