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Portable Truck Scales: Everything You Need to Know

The portable truck scales available from Walz deliver incredible advantages for a wide range of industrial customers, from farming operations to road construction and more. Portable options can provide benefits to your operations that are game-changing and money-saving. With that in mind, let’s explore the basics and the benefits that you should be aware of with portable truck scale technology.

Applications for Portable Truck Scales

Truck scales find everyday usage in businesses across the industrial spectrum, including agriculture, construction, mining, and aggregate transport. The specific needs of each of these industries have necessitated the design of feature-heavy and portable truck scales that could be used in a wide variety of terrains and environments. Not only do these portable scales need to be highly-functional, but they also need to adhere to any regulatory laws and safety restrictions. As a solution to these needs, Walz has developed an entire line of portable truck scales that are durable, easy to transport from one location to another, easy to install, simple to use, accurate, and incredibly cost-effective. Portable truck scales, manufactured by an American company with your best interests in mind, is an intelligent business strategy that allows industries to be compliant with weight standards and remain safe, avoiding the hefty fines that can accompany overloading trucks. With our truck scales, you get all of these benefits in a nice, simple package, equipped with a standard for accuracy that you can take to the bank. 

Next-Level Accessibility

The low-profile design of portable truck scales allows trucks of all sizes to have easy access, ensuring a precise measurement of load data. Inside each of our portable truck scales is a load cell which accurately transfers the load data to either an easy-to-read display or a remote terminal. This sensitive recording equipment is protected by incredibly durable casing materials, allowing these portable scales to be used dependably for years. To make the process even simpler for drivers, access ramps are placed on either side of the scale for smooth entry and access. Because portable truck scales need to weigh each truck axle individually, it’s necessary to use the recorded data of each axle, then subtract the weight of the empty truck. This process is quick and easy with Walz’s simple user interface and easy-access scales. 

Portability Options

The name of the game with portable truck scales is flexibility. It’s for this reason that we have a wide variety of portable truck scales to choose from, one of which is certain to make the most sense for your specific operation. Portable truck scales are available in differing lengths, weight capacities, and methods of transportability, including options that can be easily moved by hand. Models like the AXW-45 Portable Axle Scale are made from durable aluminum, are water, corrosion, and shock-resistant, and are able to be accurately used even in harsh weather conditions. Many of these models include lifting straps for easy transportation, allowing you to bring the scale to the truck, rather than maneuvering trucks to the scales, saving your operation valuable time. 

How Portable Truck Scales Benefit Your Operation

Designed with accuracy and durability in mind, each of the portable truck scales manufactured by Walz Scale typically includes these features:

  • Simple installation and field deployment that requires no special training
  • Durable and rugged construction that is easy to transport, even in uneven environments
  • Overload protection systems
  • Specifically designed for heavy-duty operations while delivering accurate data
  • Require minimal storage space due to their compact size
  • Access ramps provide easy truck access, even on unpredictable terrain
  • Most models include dynamic weigh-in-motion capabilities, which means operations never come to a standstill

Accuracy and Dependability Matter

A scale that is off, even by a tiny amount, can end up costing your operation hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars over a long enough period of time. For this reason, it’s vital that calibration in portable truck scales is easy to manage. Walz stands by the quality and accuracy of each of our scales, and when the time comes for calibration, our team of professionals is standing by to perform calibration procedures or walk you through the process. 

It’s important that proper calibration is maintained not only so that your operation isn’t losing money, but also to stay in compliance with state and/or federal rules and regulations pertaining to truck loads. We want your business to be successful, so our support technicians are always just a phone call away. For more information regarding our calibration services, you can visit our scale calibration service page. We have techs stationed throughout Illinois for local calibration requests, and can also recommend dependable calibration experts throughout the country.

Finding the Portable Scale for Your Operation

Walz has been in the scale business for decades, and we continue to innovate year after year, bringing our customers the best in portable scale options. Your company deserves to have dependable, durable, robust, and cost-effective scale solutions, and we’re confident that you can tick the boxes on all of those requirements when you turn to Walz. To find the portable truck scale solution that is right for you, start by taking a look at our portable truck scale inventory. If you have any questions regarding the features and capabilities of these scales, contacting one of our professionals is easy — simply fill out the contact form, or give us a call to get your quote today. We look forward to doing business with you and being the scale solution company that you trust for decades to come.