A-45 Outdoor Remote Weight Display

Display Features:

  • Outdoor remote weight display
  • LED display
  • 4.5″ digits
  • Visible at distances of up to 250′
  • Auto-learn technology
  • Adjustable day & night brightness
  • Non-glare lens
  • Mirrored display mode
  • Optional wireless feature
  • Optional temperature display
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The A-45 model is one of the best-selling remote weight displays in North America. Designed and engineered to incorporate the most standard features of any display on the market, the A-45’s big, bright LED digits and annunciation capabilities quickly and accurately communicate scale weight information. In addition to the visibility and display features enjoyed by end-users, the A-45 has many communication and diagnostic features for Technicians!

Connectivity is the key. The A-45 Display features unique Auto-Learn Technology, which is more than just a buzzword. A complex algorithm is used to really “learn” indicator transmissions without pressing any buttons, setting any dip switches or shifting any digits. This compatibility, along with a host of pre-installed utility programs, allows the A-45 display to be extremely flexible in practically any industrial environment!


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