BW2 Advanced Belt Scale System

Belt Scale Features:

  • Advanced belt scale system
  • Accuracy of 99% or better
  • Kit includes:
    • Weighing frame
    • Speed sensor
    • Digital weighing terminal
  • Dynamic weight measurement
  • Optional printer
  • Communication ports
  • Extremely robust design
  • Field-proven performance and dependability

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BW2 Advanced Belt Scale System Overview:

Walz Scale’s conveyor belt scale systems are custom-integrated to suit your unique application. From logistics and warehousing, to mining and industrial applications, Walz Scale provides conveyor belt scale systems for a wide range of needs. We offer products for both in-motion conveyor belt weighing, as well as optical belt scales for calculating volume of material on your conveyor belt.

Features of our conveyor belt scale systems:

  • Ideal for either stationary or mobile applications
  • Compact design
  • Systems for weight or volume measurement
  • Precise, reliable results in tough conditions
  • Simple user interface
  • Belt scales are easily installed in the field
  • Multiple scale units controlled by one interface controller
  • Can-bus communications
  • Multiple communication protocols
  • Belt scales are completely field-serviceable
  • Built in support for scale ticket printers
  • Robust, durable belt scale design
  • Optical belt scale for volumetric calculations


  • Simple, compact construction
  • Simple assembly and retrofitting
  • Version for self assembly available


  • For mobile and stationary applications
  • One electronics systems for multiple belts
  • Slip-free recording of the belt speed
  • Can be integrated in the system control


  • Storage, processing and transfer of master and weighing data
  • Angle compensation
  • Ultra low-profile design
  • Precise and reliable belt speed measurement
  • Extremely robust for both mobile and stationary applications


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Weighing Frame

Decades of field use has allowed us to build a very robust weighing frame that also allows for simplified installations.

Advanced Electronics

Our belt scale electronics are designed to provide many years of continued operation.

Your Conveyors

The Walz conveyor belt scale can be installed on virtually any make and model of conveyor.

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