Onsite Mining Payload Services

Walz is proud to offer mining operations with a single source for all of their payload management needs. Below are just a few of the services that we provide for mining operations:

  • Empty Vehicle Weight Verification
  • Target Payload Verification
  • Weight Distribution Analysis
  • TPMS (Tire-Pressure Monitoring System) Verification
  • SPMS Verification
  • OTR (Off-the-Road) Tire Load Analysis
  • Body Fill Factor Analysis
  • Load Placement Analysis
  • And More!

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Empty Vehicle Weight Verification

Maximizing payload is directly affected by the real or actual empty vehicle weight.  The ability to verify and mange your trucks actual empty vehicle weight will help to increase daily productivity and reduce operational costs associated with your hauling assets.  Our onsite services include the use of our portable jack stand scale systems, which provides empty vehicle weight verification with extremely high accuracy.

Onsite Payload Verification

Our onsite payload management services include the weighing of mining vehicles up to ultra-class haul trucks with payload carrying capacities up to 500 tons.  Our fleet of portable scale systems allows portable vehicle weighing at your site to better manage your actual daily production and haulage per vehicle.

3D Volumetric Load Scanning

3D Volumetric Load Scanning is also available for those looking to better manage their load and haulage assets.  Our 3D Load Scanner is an extremely powerful tool that will help mining operations to improve production and reduce operational costs.

3D Load Placement Imagery Features:

  • Actual Carried Volume per Truck
  • Real-Time Material Density per Truck
  • Fragmentation Monitoring

Powerful Reporting Services

Collecting your payload data is only a small part of the services Walz offers.  All of our payload customers receive a wealth of reports so that they can use their payload data to make real decisions on how to increase production. Below are a few of the reports that most of our customers receive:

  • Empty Vehicle Weights
  • Loaded Vehicle Weights
  • Payload Analysis
  • Tire Load Analysis
  • Actual Payload vs TPMS
  • Actual Payload vs SPMS
  • SPMS Analysis
  • TPMS Analysis
  • Load Volume Analysis

Watch Our Mine Payload Analysis Tool Being Used Below!


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Onsite Payload Monitoring

Walz is an industry expert in the weighing and volumetric scanning of off-road haulage assets.  Our certified technicians are safety trained and MSHA certified. With countless hours at ministers our team knows how to get the job done quickly and safely.

Rental Scales

Walz Scale offers one of the largest inventories of rental portable mining scales.  We have a scale system that fits your haulage asset.  Daily, weekly and Monthly rental terms available.

Volumetric Scanning

Our rental volumetric scanners can provide Rea time load volumes on all of your haulage assets.  Pair with our scales and gather material density data.

Empty Vehicle Weights

Our jack stand scales can be rented and are an ideal tool for capturing your true empty vehicle weights.

Services In Africa

Africa Customers can receive local support from our partner Trysome


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