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Whether your business involves mining, road construction, asphalt installations, timber operations, construction, quarries, or anything else, our range of portable truck scales provide the ideal solution for any vehicle-weighing requirement. Equipment is in stock now and ready for immediate shipment!

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Rental Overview

Portable Truck Scales Now Available

We stock a variety of portable truck scales — from wheel weighers, axle scales, and full truck scales that are NTEP certified and Legal for Trade.

Quick installation of a complete vehicle weighing solution

Our truck scales come equipped with bulkheads and safety guide rails. Installation can be accomplished in as little as 4 hours! Installation includes putting down temporary piers, installing the deck modules, grading material for a ramp, calibration, and then you’re ready to weigh. Truck scales are available for short or long term rentals, where and when you need them, complete with digital indicator and printer from a location near you.

Short term or long term truck scale rental available

You can choose to rent our truck scales on a monthly basis or for a longer term depending on your requirements. The minimum truck scale rental period is one month.

Portable Truck Scales & Weighbridges

We offer short and long term truck scale rental services for a multitude of portable truck scales and weighbridges designed to weigh over-the-road vehicles.  Our expansive fleet of portable weighing scales includes full-length truck scales as well as smaller, portable axle scales designed to provide accurate axle and gross vehicle weights.

Onsite Setup & Support

Onsite setup is available for all of our rental truck scales and weighbridges.  Our trained technicians will provide all of the setup and training needs onsite to get your rental scale up and running in record time! Whether your needs are for a short term rental or a long term job, our crews will provide you with the very best in truck scale rental solutions, customer service, and support.

Portable Axle Scales

For applications requiring accurate axle and gross vehicle weights, we offer portable axle scales for rent.  These portable truck scales are ideal for applications that require total portability and easy transport of the scales.  These scales are also available with many peripheral components, from large remote weight displays to ticket printers.

Portable Scale Pads

Our portable scale pads provide accurate axle and gross vehicle weights in a lightweight, fully portable configuration.  These scales pads are built from high-strength aluminum, providing portability and durability in the toughest conditions.  All of our portable wheel pads include a DC-powered scale controller with built-in printer, allowing for the printing of all your weight measurements.

Oversized Vehicle Weighing

We offer large portable scale pads for weighing vehicles with oversized tires and loads.  These scales have been designed to provide accurate weights while still providing complete portability.

Your Single Source

Walz Scale is your single source for rental and onsite weighing services for all of your vehicle weighing needs. Contact us today for all of your scale needs, and we’ll do everything we can to be your solution!


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Wheel Weighers

Walz offers a large range of rental wheel weighers with capacities ranging from 20,000 lbs to 800,000 Lbs

Axle Scales

Walz provides axle scales with multiple sizes to meet both dual,  triple or spread axles on your trucks.

Full Truck Scales

Large inventory of full trucks scales are available. All of these units are NTEP approved

Rental Rail Scale

Walz Scale also offers rental units of our portable rail scale.

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