RXW-2 Rail Scale

Rail Scale Features:

  • Fixed rail scale system
  • Designed to measure railcar axle weights
  • 2 measurements required per rail car
  • Provides both axle and total rail car weights
  • Package includes:
    • 4 rail-weighing sections
    • Junction box
    • Walz 7000 controller
  • Pricing for 115RE Rail shown (please call or contact us for other rail sizes)
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RXW-2 Rail Scale System Overview:

Our comprehensive rail scale solutions are widely used in many railway operations, including agriculture and recycling, as well as chemical and mining applications. Our rail scales are installed directly in the railroad track and can be configured to weigh train cars in-motion as the car passes over the rail scale system. Walz Scale offers multiple rail scales for various types of railcars and trains.

Additional Features of our Railcar Weighing Solutions:

  • Axle and full bridge designs
  • Multiple capacities are available
  • Heavy-capacity load cells
  • Heavy duty rail scale construction
  • Local support
  • Completely field-serviceable
  • Multiple scale sizes available
  • Static & in-motion rail scales are available


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No Foundation Requirements

The RXW rail scales are designed to be located onsite without addition of any foundation work.  You simply cut away a small section of existing rail and replace with our rail scale.

Built to Work

Our RXW rail scales have been field proven to work in some of the toughest conditions.

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