Scale Calibrations

Service Features:

  • Top-quality scale calibration services
  • ISO 17025 Accredited Calibrations
  • State-certified test weights
  • Multiple heavy capacity vehicle test trucks with 41,000 lbs of certified test weights
  • Multiple emergency response test trailers
  • Graphical calibration certificates
  • Online access to all calibration data and certificates
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Walz Scale Calibration Services Overview

Walz Scale has been providing the very best calibration services for our customers for over 50 years. We have invested in the very best equipment and trained the best technicians to deliver the highest quality calibration services.

Calibration of a scale is a procedure in which a certified scale technician uses known weight certified by the Weights and Measures Department to adjust the response of a mechanical or electronic weighing system to the following tests:

  • The indicator must show zero when there is no weight on scale.
  • When a known weight is applied the indicator must display the exact amount of applied weight.
  • When weight is applied or removed incrementally the scale must display weight equal to that on the scale display.

All scales ideally need to be calibrated when first placed into service to insure accurate operation. Any scale will drift away from its original calibration over the course of time. Wear of mechanical components, age, and degree of use all contribute to calibration drift. Many states require that any scale used to buy or sell based on weight must be NTEP-approved and inspected and certified as to its accuracy. Normally, we recommend calibration every quarter by a trained scale technician with certified test weights.

There are several factors to consider when deciding on frequency of scale calibration testing. Ask yourself — is the scale operating in a hostile environment? How much is this equipment being used? Is it being used one, two, or three shifts, or only several times a week? Are there Quality Control parameters which must be maintained such as ISO 9000? How long can your company afford to allow your scale equipment to operate with a possible error in its weight readings? After factoring all the information above, many customers feel calibration service once a quarter is ideal.

Walz Scale will assist in setting up your custom scale service agreement program by taking into consideration all of the above questions. It is recommended that scales be calibrated quarterly. Walz Scale will perform the tests as prescribed in the service agreement statement.

Calibration and ISO 17025 Accredited certificates

Regular calibration ensures balances, scales, and other measurement equipment behave accurately. With routine calibration, you can measure safely and avoid the costs of inaccurate measurements. We help you determine which calibration procedures and frequencies of service are required for your equipment to stay compliant. With our graphical calibration reports, our factory-trained service technicians provide you with consistent, traceable certificates in printed and electronic formats.

Truck Scale Calibrations

Walz Scale is the only local provider that can provide truck scale calibrations up to 80,000 lbs. We operate multiple heavy-capacity semi truck units that each hold 41,000 lbs of certified test weights. We carry this large amount of weights so that we can provide a true build up to for your truck and rail scales to 80,000 lbs. We are proud to be the only local provider that can provide this level of service.

1 review for Scale Calibrations

  1. Advanced Disposal

    Our scale was re-inspected by the Illinois Department of Agriculture on Wednesday. After failed testing over the past 12 months prior to your involvement and ultimately a red tag issued by the Dept, our unit has been certified for accuracy and continued use.

    I want to thank you and your technicians for getting our red-tagged scale compliant and back in service. Up until recently we were not a Walz customer. That did not stop you from stepping in to diagnose and make repairs that our prior scale vendor was unable to do. You treated all here like a long time customer. Communication and professionalism from you and all personal that I had contact with at your company has exceeded my expectations. All of this is very much appreciated.

    Please feel free to use Advanced Disposal and myself as reference for Walz Scale. In addition, feel free to use this email as my letter of recommendation for your company. Thank you –Randy

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Truck Scale Calibrations

Walz Scale provides truck scale calibrations with multiple heavy capacity test trucks and weight carts.  Our super heavy duty semi test trucks carry an exceptional 41,000 lbs of certified test weights.  With our 41,000 lbs or certified weights and cart we can offer a true build up test to 80,000 lbs.

Local Service = Local Prices

With technicians spread throughout Illinois we can provide local support.  This means fast response times and reduced service costs.

ISO17025 Accredited

Walz Scale is ISO 17025 Accredited to provide certified calibrations

Safety Accreditations

Walz Scale is certified with many safety systems to meet our customers requirements.

Accreditations include: Browz, ISNetworld, Aveta, PICS, SMI & Achilles


Graphical Calibration Certificates

Walz is the only scale calibration provider to offer our customers cloud access to all of their graphical calibration certificates.

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