SP Dynamic Rail Scale

Dynamic Rail Scale Features:

The goal of this rail scale is high-precision weighing. The dynamic train scale for weighing trains and rail cars is now integral, and it’s no wonder— intelligent solutions are worth their weight in gold, delivering cost and time savings.

MultiTrain® LegalWeight from Schenck Process pays its way as a legal-for-trade application from the outset. It provides high-precision rail car weighing using fast and legal-for-trade calibrated weighing of the goods during transit, irrespective of whether individual rail cars or whole trains are being weighed. Liquids are some of the most valuable goods and when it comes to measuring them, every kilogram counts. They also move about more than any other type of goods, and can actually only be measured accurately when completely still. MultiTrain® LegalWeight has been optimized for weighing liquids while eliminating disturbing factors. This certified system enables you to weigh almost any type of wagon or complete train sets with high precision.

The system is also optimized for monitoring wheel, axle, and wagon load, as well as the position of the center of gravity of the wagon.

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SP Dynamic Rail Scale Overview:

Legal-for-trade dynamic weighing to NCWM (National Conference on Weights and Measures) Publication 14 and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Handbook 44. This scale system can be used legal-for-trade within a temperature range from 14°F to 104°F, for both solids and liquids. Data acquired from these measurements are used in logistics as the basis for invoicing.

This system includes Schenck Process weighing ties, as a combination of robust concrete ties and legal-for-trade weighbeams. Construction consists of stainless steel weighbeam IP 67. Optionally, this system comes with an integrated control scale. The database is integrated into standard software, making intelligent measurement data analysis plus online remote diagnosis of networked systems possible. This system features fast, gap-free installation by exchanging ties and a modular design. The SP Dynamic Rail Scale is NTEP-approved — with an integrated static reference scale. Take advantage of fast, precise calculation of rail car weights with less shunting, with up to 10 mph legal-for-trade weighing.

Fast Installation

The unique design of the SP Rail Scale allows operations to have the scales installed and weighing within just a few days.

Simplified Foundation

The simple foundation design eliminates the need for expensive concrete foundations found with standard rail scales.

In-Motion Weighing

Increase rail throughput by weighing your rail cars and trains without stopping.

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