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Walz Scale has everything you need to accurately weigh truckloads, including truck scales that are designed for efficient truck scale applications and the calibration and repair services needed to ensure they are operating properly. There are some products and services on our website that don’t have pricing information listed and require a quote submission. Don’t worry, though. We make the quote request process incredibly quick and easy. Whatever truck scale, weight system, or service you're looking for, Walz Scale's experienced sales team will help ensure your quote request is accurate so there are no costly surprises leading up to and following your purchase. 

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Requesting a quote for Walz Scale products is very easy and takes little time. You can even bundle different products in your quote request! Simply browse our website to find the products you need for your specific weighing application. If pricing isn't directly available online, you can click the "ADD TO QUOTE" button to add the product or service to your Quote Cart. Add as many products or services to your Quote Cart as needed. Once you’re finished, all of your selections should be shown in the Quote Cart. When you’re ready to submit your request, make sure you fill out all of the information fields and click the “PLACE QUOTE” button. Once we receive your request, one of our specialists will contact you to discuss your quote in more detail.

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Walz Scale strives to offer the most advanced truck scale solutions to our customers. No matter what products or services you need, our team is committed to helping our customers find the best possible solutions for their weighing application. We understand that every customer has different requirements and that not every truck scale or weight system will be a perfect fit for each business. That’s why we offer such a wide range of products and services, and it’s why we make it easy for you to request quotes on the truck scale or weight system that best suits your needs.

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