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Shovel Scale Calibrations

Walz Scale provides on-site calibrations of shovel scales as well as on-site payload management studies and real time load calibrations for mining operations. 


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Rope Shovel Scale Calibration Services Overview

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On-Site Payload Studies

Walz Scale provides on-site payload management studies for mining operations.  Below is an overview of the benefits of scheduled payload studies along with the services that we offer.

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Benefits of Scheduled Payload Studies

* Maximize OEM On-Board Scale system accuracies

* Reduce perceived and real overloads in the pit

* Improve unit availability

* Improved maintenance planning

* Maximize carried payloads

* Maximize OTR tire life

* Continuous training and maximized operator efficiencies 

* Maximized fleet optimization


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Commissioning of New Machines

Walz Scale offers a cost effect means of verifying actual empty weights on new hauling units.  Our lift stand scale systems provide extremely accurate weights and are designed to be used with your existing lift stands.  This solution provides accurate empty weights at affordable prices.

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Shovel & Loader Scale Calibrations

Our onsite payload management services are an ideal solution for verifying and maintaining payload system accuracies on your shovel or loader scales.  Our portable payload scales will provide the means necessary for re-calibration of your existing scale systems.

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OEM On-Board Scale System Calibrations

Scheduled calibrations on your existing on-board scale systems is critical to maintaining accurate payload readings.  The accuracy of the on-board scale systems is the single most important factor affecting production.

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Think Your TPMS On-Board Scales are Accurate?

Average TPMS accuracies of 8-15% have been found on sites that do not perform regular calibrations of their on-board scale systems.  Implementing a scheduled onsite payload study can help to keep your on-board scale systems reading within 2-5%.

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Reduce Overloads in The Pit

Overloads in the Pit can be broken down into two types, Real and Perceived.  Perceived overloads are those that are perceived as overloads by the on-board scale system, however are not actual overloads.  These perceived overloads result in added costs and reduced production.

Implementing a scheduled onsite payload study and performing calibrations on your OEM on-board scale systems can help to reduce and even eliminate these perceived overloads

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Improved Unit Availability

Maintaining accurate carried payloads will pay big dividends on your unit availability, by reducing frame cracks, body rib damage and other component damage as a result of continued overloads.

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Improved Strut Maintenance Planning

Implementing a regularly scheduled payload analysis study can also help to better schedule strut maintenance procedures.  Our onsite payload study will provide valuable reporting data that can help your maintenance team to target suspect struts and thus schedule resources efficiently. 

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Improved OTR Tire Life Management

The ability to monitor load position and carried payloads per tire, will help to improve OTR tire life.  Continued verification of actual load placement and continuous training of shovel operators will greatly reduce the operating costs associated with OTR management.

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Improved Fleet Optimization

Our onsite payload services is also ideal for operations who are looking to improve their fleet optimization.  Our ability to provide 3D Volumetric Load Scanning of haul trucks allows us to provide valuable real time data pertaining to mined material densities and actual carried volumes.

* Better match loading and hauling assets to actual material characteristics

* Body fill factor monitoring and actual payloads can help to maximize your body/tray design.

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Maximize Body/Tray Design

Are you maximizing production with your existing body/tray configurations?  Our onsite services can help operations to verify and take the steps needed to ensure that their fleet of haulage assets is providing the maximum production available.

* Monitor body/tray fill factors

* Monitor load position & spillage 

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Fragmentation Monitoring

The ability to monitor carried loads in real time can also be a valuable tool for operations looking to monitor blast fragmentation.  Our high resolution 3D imagery provides operations with the ability to view and analyze oversize content.  

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Shovel Operator Training

Our onsite payload analysis tools are also an ideal solution for monitoring load position and tracking shovel operator performance.  The real time 3D imagery provided is an invaluable tool for shovel operator training and your continuous improvement program. 

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Carry Back Monitoring

Depending on your site conditions and the carried materials, the ability to monitor carry back may be an important factor that is influencing your production.  Our onsite payload analysis services can help you to monitor this carry back & verify if your body/tray design is adequate. 

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Onsite Services

Scheduling your onsite payload analysis study with Walz Scale enables operations to be assured that they will receive the very best support and the newest of technologies.

* MSHA Certified Technicians

* ISO 17025 Accredited Weighing Services

* Fully Insured & Bonded

* 50 Years of Weighing Experience

* Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

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Lift Stand Scales

Our patent pending lift stand scale system is an ideal choice for operations looking to verify actual hauling unit empty weights, or to acquire accurate weights on other equipment like buckets, ect.


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Ultra Portable Wheel Weighers

Our ultra portable wheel weighers are an ideal choice for operations that require accurate payload weights for articulated and underground hauling units.  The all aluminum construction allows scale operators to handle these units with easy, and get to hard to reach locations.

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Portable Axle Scales

Our portable axle scales are available in a multitude of sizes and configurations, designed to meet the needs of your hauling fleet.  Our AXM-800 series is used for the accurate weighing of Ultra Class Trucks.  With a total scale capacity of 800 Tons, we can weigh any truck in the field today.  Our scales will arrive onsite pre-calibrated and ready to weigh.

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3D Load Scanner

Our 3D Load Scanner is also available for use on any onsite payload study.  This system provides a wealth of benefits and allows for scanning of the hauling assets in-motion.

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Advanced Reporting

All customers that schedule onsite payload analysis studies will also receive access to their entire payload data via an inteet cloud account.              This online account will allow for the storage and sharing of the payload data within your organization.  

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