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Saving Time and Money With Onboard Dump Truck Scales

In modern industry, construction, mining, and agricultural operations, there’s hardly a vehicle more ubiquitous than the dump truck. In almost any type of large-scale operation, these vehicles are invaluable for their ability to move materials from point A to B. It’s for this reason that it’s so vitally important that the weight and scale systems used to measure these truckloads are precise, accurate, and dependable. While many operations make use of static truck scales for their measurements, that’s not always the most practical solution — or at least, not the only solution. For many companies, investing in and implementing onboard dump truck scales solves a multitude of logistical problems and allows for a highly efficient operation.

If you’re considering onboard dump truck scales for your business but are still weighing your options (pun intended), Walz Scale is here to answer any questions you may have! It’s important that whatever system you choose to implement in your dump truck fleet is efficient and accurate. We believe that onboard truck scales are one of the best solutions for implementing a system to determine load weights in day-to-day operations. Onboard scales are versatile, efficient, and can be used on a variety of vehicles. Additionally, onboard scale systems make it easy to access and record weight data, raising your potential profits. 

Features of an Onboard Dump Truck Scale

What can you expect to find with an onboard truck scale system? With Walz Scale, you can expect a lot. Listed here are some of the best features of our onboard truck scales:

  • Onboard scales are extremely simple and user-friendly, requiring no special training to use
  • Function reliably on a wide range of vehicles, including dump trucks, loaders, haulers, excavators, and earth movers
  • Our onboard scales have a real-world accuracy of 97-98% or greater
  • These scales feature clearly visible digital interfaces
  • Onboard scales allow vehicle operators to know the weight of their loads in real-time
  • Simple installation only takes a matter of hours, not days

All of our products are designed to be heavy-duty and operate dependably, even in the toughest environments. 

How Does an Onboard Truck Scale Work?

Onboard truck scale systems are actually quite simple, but extremely effective. When an onboard truck scale is installed in your vehicle, there will be a digital readout in the cab that is easily accessible by the operator. Onboard scales use a mechanism called a load cell that uses a sensor with “strain-gauge” technology. This sensor converts weight into electrical resistance, which can then be precisely measured. Typically, the scale system is powered by the truck’s existing power, so that whenever the truck’s engine is on, so is the onboard scale. 

Saving Time With Your Truck Scale

By implementing an onboard truck scale for your dump truck fleet, you’ll be saving a lot of time in your operations. With this system, your dump trucks can simply register and record weight as they are loaded, bypassing the need to make an additional stop at a static truck scale. As the cost of diesel fuel fluctuates and often rises, this is fantastic for managing your company’s fuel expenses. With onboard scales, you can quickly and easily determine if your dump truck is overloaded or underloaded, thereby avoiding the steep fines that can come with overloading penalties, and ensuring that each truck is loaded efficiently. Trucks that are regularly overloaded tend to have a much shorter lifespan and require more maintenance work due to the added strain that occurs. Onboard truck scales are an accurate, reliable way of saving you time.

How Precise and Accurate Truck Scales Save You Money

The load cells of our onboard truck scale systems are placed between the chassis and the body of your dump truck. With these cells in place, you can be assured that you’re loading trucks to their maximum capacity without overloading them. Since you can easily track the weight of these truckloads, it becomes very simple to optimize your efficiency. 

These onboard dump truck scales are easy to use, requiring very little, if any, previous training. This saves you time that would otherwise be spent educating your operators on a more complex system. When a truck engine is turned on, the scale is good to go, as it’s wired directly into the truck’s power supply. The scale will automatically become active and display the load weight in real-time. It really is that simple. 

Downtime with onboard truck scale systems is practically non-existent. Any operations foreman knows that when downtime occurs in a vital piece of equipment, costs can begin to accrue very quickly. Onboard dump truck scales have minimal cabling and rarely become susceptible to failure when used correctly. 

As the onboard scale calculates load data, that information is clearly and brightly displayed on a digital display. This in-cab display shows truckload data in pounds or kilograms, allows operators to account for tare, and many other simple operations. 

Trust Walz Scale For All Onboard Dump Truck Scale Needs

Walz has provided advanced scale systems for all types of industrial, commercial, and agricultural operations for decades. Onboard truck scales are a simple, effective solution for your operational needs! For your dump truck fleets, check out the Walz DT-100 Dump Truck Onboard Scale. This model features:

  • Typical accuracy of ~98%
  • Simple installation process
  • Simpler, user-friendly operation
  • Deflection transducers and mounting hardware
  • Digital weight terminal
  • Installation manual
  • Delivers precise results even in the toughest conditions

This heavy-duty onboard scale system is the perfect fit for your fleet and will save you time and money, as well as remain reliable for years to come with its rugged design. When used in tandem with our line of portable truck scales and volumetric scanners, your operation can become a force to be reckoned with! For more information about our onboard truck scale systems, please feel free to contact us! An onboard truck scale specialist will be more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have. We look forward to helping your business by providing you the scale tools you need to maintain precise truckload data.