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Subscription Scanner Setup Fee

  • Initial hardware configuration support
  • Initial software configuration support
  • Initial cloud configuration support
  • Initial system training support 

Price Each


Scanner Hood

  • Fabricated scanner mounting hood / weather shield
  • Epoxy painted
  • Pre-installed brackets for mounting of scanners
  • Mounting plate 

Price Each


Outdoor power supply

  • Outdoor rated enclosure
  • Built-in power supply
  • Built-in 115 VAC outlets 
  • Built-in 5 port router
  • Plug connections for all cabling 

Price Each


RFID Reader

  • Automated truck/unit identification system
  • Outdoor rated
  • Bracket included
  • Power and Ethernet cabling included
  • Designed for network connectivity

Price Each


RFID truck/unit tag

  • For use with RFID reader
  • Outdoor rated design
  • Price per pack of 10 tags 

Price Each


Driver Alert Light

  • Automated driver communication tool
  • Outdoor rated
  • Alerts drivers to the status of the scanner system
  • Yellow light = Approach scanner slowly 
  • Green light = System has read the RFID tag
  • Red = Scanning in process, do not approach 

Price Each


HD IP Camera

  • HD load images
  • Outdoor rated camera
  • Designed for installation on the scanner hood
  • Provides automated image capture on each load

Price Each


Scanner Mounting Pole

  • Pre-manufactured mounting pole
  • Designed to allow for manual adjustment for scanner access
  • Steel and aluminum construction
  • Epoxy painted
  • Base plate designed for anchoring to concrete base
  • Designed for connection to the optional scanner hood

Price Each


Scanner Jobsite Trailer

  • With scanner mounting pole
  • Lockable job box 
  • Leveling feet
  • Heavy duty axle
  • Epoxy painted
  • Built in the USA

Price Each


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