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The Benefits of Dynamic Weigh-In-Motion Scale Technology

While many trucking and railway operations have traditionally used static scale systems in their daily operations, advances in the field of dynamic in-motion scale technology have made weigh-in-motion scale systems a viable alternative — and an option that will save you a lot of money. Weigh-in-motion, or “dynamic” scales, don’t require a truck or railcar to come to a full stop when they are being weighed. Instead, vehicles in your fleet simply drive over these specialized scales at a reduced speed and the weight data is registered and recorded in real-time for both instant and accurate results. This advanced scale technology is becoming the industry standard for several different types of applications, including transportation, waste management, agriculture, demolition and construction, mining, and many more. 

There are several reasons that this dynamic technology is replacing more traditional scale methods in many industries, especially operations that depend on efficiency, speed, and flexibility. For any operation that requires regular vehicle weighing of trucks or railcars, the value that you can add to your operation with a dynamic weigh-in-motion scale system is not to be overlooked. Consider these advantages that can be afforded to your business when you trust a company like Walz to provide you with advanced dynamic scale solutions.

Improve Your Productivity

Until you really see one of these dynamic scales in action, it’s hard to believe just how fast they can register accurate weight data from a vehicle that is in motion. Because trucks and train cars don’t need to stop moving to be weighed, and can simply carry on their route while their weight is recorded, the entire process experiences a boost in productivity. When your vehicles are allowed to remain in motion, you’ll see a decrease in unnecessary delays, and your vehicle operators won’t be wasting any of their time stopping and starting while moving from point A to B. This is a particularly effective solution for worksites that tend to experience a lot of vehicle traffic, as the speed and efficiency of the scales prevent lines of vehicles from forming. Instead, your entire fleet can stay in motion and moving forward at a steady pace.  

Instantly Identify Vehicles That Have Been Overloaded

The fines associated with overloaded vehicles should be reason enough to consider a better option for your scale system. Overloaded vehicles can be the root of all sorts of problems for your company, not least of which is the potential safety hazard it presents. Overloaded vehicles typically mean paying fines, paying for premature vehicle damage due to unnecessary wear and tear, and potentially damaging the roadway access to your site. Instead of dealing with all of those headaches, a dynamic scale solution can help protect you from those legal penalties and safety hazards by instantly identifying overloaded vehicles. Catching these overloaded vehicles before they leave your worksite and enter a public roadway will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a vehicle. 

Optimize Your Efficiency

Weigh-in-motion scale systems can be completely automated, meaning that you don’t necessarily need an attendant standing at the scale for it to be operated. When you don’t need to rely on an operator’s constant attention, there will be far fewer operator errors, further improving your operation’s efficiency. Additionally, while these scales can report overloading, they can likewise report underloading, which will allow you to maximize the load space in your vehicles, further increasing operational performance. 

Take Advantage of Comprehensive Reporting and Simple Integration

Walz’s dynamic weigh-in-motion scales can be seamlessly integrated into your broader operational systems, including working in tandem with volumetric scanners to create an unprecedented level of detail with every measurement recorded. Scales can be integrated with a PC, laptop, or smart device, delivering accurate, real-time data to a supervisor. All data is recorded and compiled into comprehensive reports that can be retrieved and analyzed. 

Your Cost-Effective Scale Solution

Contrary to what you might think, given the capabilities of these types of weigh-in-motion scale systems, they are incredibly cost-effective. Installation costs to you are minimal, and the system can be up and running in a matter of hours. Because of our quality construction and second-to-none customer service and maintenance plans, scale maintenance is easy and affordable. Power requirements for Walz’s scale systems are minimal, further saving you on energy costs. 

Weigh-in-Motion Scale Solutions You Can Trust

Having looked at just these five areas where dynamic scales solutions can benefit your business operations, we hope that you’ll consider investing in your success with Walz Scale. Our robust scale solutions improve productivity and increase efficiency from top to bottom, regardless of the size of your operation. To learn more about our scale systems and to find the right solution for you, contact Walz Scale today and speak to one of our friendly scale professionals. We look forward to helping your business grow and become more efficient!