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The Benefits of Renting a Truck Scale

Have you been contemplating whether you should invest in purchasing a truck scale for your business operations or if renting is a more viable option? Before you make a final decision, you should know what the advantages of renting portable truck scales are, including how the rental option affects overall costs, the duration of time the scale system is needed, and what sort of facility will be making use of the scale. 

Investing in a scale system can be an expensive decision, so at Walz, we have put together some of the key advantages that come with a scale rental option as opposed to purchasing a system outright. We hope that these key factors will help you determine what option is right for your business and provides the highest return on investment possible.

Low Upfront Costs

For most operations considering a truck scale rental option, the primary reason is financial in nature. For truck scale rentals, the initial out-of-pocket expense is much less compared to purchasing a scale. This can be especially appealing to newer businesses or to a company that simply doesn’t have the finances to manage a large capital expense. In these cases, scale rental is an obvious and simple solution.

That’s not to say it’s a great long-term solution, however. Depending on the length of time that you plan on making use of a truck scale system, it is possible that it is cheaper, in the long run, to purchase a scale outright. Similar to renting a home versus having a mortgage, with the former, you’re not gaining any ownership, but with the latter, although it may be a higher payment, you’re putting your money into ownership. Do some calculations to determine the best financial option for your company based on long-term rental versus outright ownership.

Maintenance & Mobility Are Included

A wonderful advantage of renting a scale system is that the responsibility of maintaining the scale system falls to the manufacturer — it’s their scale, after all. When you’re renting, you won’t have to worry about any major unexpected costs associated with repairs, which can be very appealing to smaller operations.

When you rent a scale system, you also get to take advantage of the flexibility and mobility associated with the program. If you’re using the scale in the short term, it’s likely that your needs may change, including moving where the scale is located, or even moving your operation in its entirety. A temporary rental scale is much more convenient in these scenarios than a permanently installed scale. 

Ideal for Short-Term or Seasonal Operations

The most appealing advantage of renting a scale system may all come down to only needing the scale for a short period of time. Many companies already have a scale system in place, but due to seasonal demands, there may be periods of time where having an additional scale in place will benefit production efficiency and increase weighing capacity. For example, many distribution centers see a dramatic increase in production demands around the holidays, or a farm may have a particularly productive harvest. In these instances, renting a truck scale system is a fiscally responsible way to temporarily meet seasonal demands. 

Some operations also find themselves in a situation where their current scale doesn’t have a large enough capacity to deal with a temporary situation. In this case, it’s cost-effective to rent a higher-capacity scale system to meet a short-term need instead of upgrading an existing system.

Alleviate Unexpected Expenses

The final scenario in which renting a portable truck scale is a more viable option than purchasing, is when your existing system unexpectedly fails. If your scale system fails and your company’s budget plan has not allotted the financial means to purchase a replacement or perform repairs, a short-term rental is a responsible solution. Renting a truck scale for a while can alleviate the potential costs with unexpected expenditure.

Trust Walz for Your Truck Scale Rental Solution

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