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The Benefits of Using Truck Scales in Agriculture

Weighing scales play an essential role in farming and agricultural operations, as they can help streamline the harvest management process. Depending on the application, farm scales can have a significant effect on both efficiency and profitability. From tracking agricultural yield to handling feed, high-volume farmers and agricultural enterprises rely on weighing solutions to ensure ultimate precision in their day-to-day weighing processes.  At Walz Scale, we specialize in the manufacturing of truck scales and weighing systems that are tailored for agricultural use. Our farm scales are designed to help enhance harvest management efficiency while bringing down overhead costs. However, these are not the only benefits of our quality farm scales. In today’s blog, we will take a look at how our wide selection of farm truck scales can benefit applications in the agricultural industry.

Unmatched Accuracy

Whether dealing with grain, corn, or soybeans, farmers need high-volume weight measurements. Without an accurate weighing solution, it becomes difficult to determine the exact weight of their harvested product as well as the actual profitability of their yields. With farm scales from Walz Scale, whether you are a small-scale or high-volume farmer, our scales are designed to deliver accurate measurements — as well as greater efficiency and convenience — that are so essential to agricultural operations, especially during the peak of the harvest season. 

Increased Truck Throughput

When you have an accurate and efficient weighing system in place for your agricultural application, truck throughput is significantly increased. Because our truck scales are quick, accurate, and reliable every time, the time it takes for trucks and products to get weighed is expedited.

Significant Reductions in Weighing Time

There are many different farm scales available, and with the right choice, applications in the agricultural industry can save a considerable amount of time. For instance, portable truck scales eliminate the need for parking to weigh loads. Plus, they are versatile in that they can be relocated to multiple areas around a farm or agricultural setting. Onboard truck scales, while they are not as flexible when it comes to portability, can measure heavier loads which trims labor time down and they eliminate the need of visiting an external weighing scale to get the proper measurements. 

Simple Installation & Low Maintenance

Many of the farm truck scales offered by Walz Scale are easy to install on-site. Whether your agriculture application calls for a grain dump scale, onboard truck scale, or another truck weighing systems are fairly simple to install on just about any farm or agricultural site. Additionally, because these farm truck scales are manufactured with high-quality material, very little maintenance is required! Constructed with heavy-duty steel, farm truck scales will last for years to come even in high-use agricultural applications. 

Seamless Integrations

Many farmers have been seeking a solution that helps them better manage harvest data and improve operations, specifically in weighing and managing grain yields. Our farm truck scales are the answer. Even with an existing harvest operation, our selection of farm scales can be seamlessly integrated. No matter what your weighing needs are for your farming application, Walz Scales has the solutions.

Find the Best Farm Scales in the Industry

If you require an accurate farm scale that will help improve the efficiency and profitability in your farming application, make sure to check out the selection of precise weighing systems from Walz Scale!  Whether you want to improve operations or better manage harvest data, no matter what your needs are, our experts can help you find the best farm truck scale for your application. If you would like to learn more information, contact Walz Scale today!