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The Features of Retail Scales

Keep Your Business Moving with Retail Scales

Gone are the days of old fashioned scales where shopkeepers would weigh products with those tiny metal weights. Today’s business world runs on accuracy and efficiency, which is particularly true in the fast-paced world of retail. If you run a grocery store where produce, meat, deli, and cheese products are regularly weighed before a sale, or if you have a produce stand at your local farmer’s market, you can benefit from retail scales. These scales specialize in converting the weight of a product into a price for the customer. Every ounce of a product equals money in your pocket or money out the door, so fast, accurate weighing systems are incredibly important. 

We’d like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the great features that are included in many of the retail scales available from Walz Scale today. These features add functionality and ease to everyday tasks that go on in retail spaces. If you have any additional questions regarding functions that we may not mention here, please feel free to contact us today, and our friendly scale experts can inform you of all of the retail scale products that we offer. Here are some of the most helpful features of retail scales!

PLU Functionality

A PLU, or a “product look-up” number, is essentially a database of codes that correspond to the products in your inventory. Some of these codes are fairly standardized in many industries, such as produce codes for grocery stores, although it is entirely possible to create your own list of codes and corresponding pricing. Being able to use a simple 4-5 digit code for looking up a product and applying its information is much more efficient than manually entering product information for every sale. If your business only sells a single product, then this feature isn’t necessary, but that is less and less common nowadays. Keep your inventory organized and your product information easy to access with a retail scale with PLU functionality. You’ll be thanking yourself when you or your staff needs to get through long lines of customers in a hurry!

Easy Navigation

Many retail scales include easy to read, color-coded keyboards. These keyboards can include shortcuts for common tasks or PLUs, or for quickly entering additional information. This feature allows for easier access to editing information and making changes to the product that you’re weighing. It can be frustrating for users to have a limited keyboard, especially if they are new to using the device. Having clear, color-coded buttons will make work tasks much more simple to manage, increasing efficiency and time management. 

Dual Displays

Having a functional display for you as the retailer, as well as an additional display for the customer to view product information, will be tremendously important. Letting the customer view their product being weighed adds trust to the transaction, and having transparency in what you are charging for will be appreciated. This will help your customers know that there isn’t any funny business going on where they can’t see what you are doing. When the customer can clearly see a digital read-out of what they are paying for, you will see a decrease in price discrepancies, and the retail process will become all the more streamlined. This can also help you boost sales, since a customer may want you to add another slice or two of deli meat to round out what they are paying. Open communication with your clientele is always a good thing when it comes to how you’re charging them! They’ll appreciate your honest business practice. 


This isn’t so much an additional feature as it is a handy fact about the size of retail scales. Because of their relatively small size, retail scales can easily be moved, and can often run off of battery power. This is very useful for retailers to have a mobile component to their business, like having a stall at a farmer’s market, going to an expo, or for use in food trucks. You should be able to take your business to your customers when you have the opportunity, and these retail scales allow you to do just that, even if you need to weigh products. 

Printing Ability

Most retail scales can connect to a printer for ease of creating barcodes and sales labels. Some models even include a printing function in the scale itself, further increasing the efficiency of the retail process! Having clearly printed labels and codes decrease the chances for confusion on price and will help to ensure that your inventory stays accurate. 

Let Walz Scale Be Your Retail Scale Provider

These are just some of the great features that are available in our retail scales. If you have any questions about how retail scales can be implemented in your business, please give us a call today! Our scale specialists can answer any questions you may have. We look forward to helping your retail business run at its maximum efficiency!