Top Benefits of Automated Kiosks For Vehicle Management

Top Benefits of Automated Kiosks For Vehicle Management

Many of the clients our Walz Scale staff serves have large-scale fleets of trucks that need to be kept track of daily. With inventory moving around and many drivers to manage, it can be difficult to know, in real-time, where every company vehicle is located. Walz Scale is a small independent scale sales and service organization that’s dedicated to providing intuitive, easy-to-use options for companies to better manage vehicles and optimize their processes. Discover how our automated ticketing kiosks can help you and contact our team today for more information!

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Waterproof & Weatherproof

Having an automated machine that tracks vehicles within a certain location is perfect for keeping accurate records and logbooks. But a key benefit our Walz Scale automated ticketing kiosks provide — along with our truck scanners and portable truck scales — is durability year after year. Our kiosks are outfitted with waterproof, steel enclosures to withstand outdoor use in any kind of weather.

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Vehicle Recognition

Recognizing when a vehicle is entering or exiting is key to maintaining optimal efficiency; this is a key feature of our Walz Scale kiosks. Providing the same accuracy and reliability as our truck scanners and portable truck scales, our automated machines can recognize vehicles and operate as smoothly as your company’s best employee. A combination of all three of these products is ideal for maintaining a successful operation day after day.

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All-In-One Ticket Printing  

The last thing you need is to be constantly maintaining your tools and keeping an eye on them to ensure they function correctly. With this in mind, the Walz Scale automated ticketing kiosks include everything needed to effectively print a ticket without needing a replacement. Both of our models have features that make it easier to protect the integrity of a ticket, such as a protective ticket access door, and they also feature a large roll capacity for easy printing.

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Several Customizable Add-ons

Our Walz Scale kiosks are capable of adapting to different industries depending on what each of our clients require. If you have a specific use for these machines, our in-house truck scanner and portable truck scale supplier can outfit your kiosk with several custom add-ons. Several optional accessories are available — such as traffic lights and remote displays — to create the perfect tool for your company.

Contact Walz Scale for Different World-Class Equipment Options

If you’re ready to take the next step in automating your traffic flow and maximizing your productivity, contact Walz Scale today! We’re happy to recommend an automatic ticketing kiosk that is congruent with your business’ needs provides personalized solutions.