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Truck Scales 101: Do You Need a Legal for Trade Scale?

Did you know that anytime a cost of a service or good is determined by weight, you need a legal for trade certified scale? At Walz Scale, we carry scales made with advanced technology to ensure that you are getting accurate results for the reliable transportation of goods. If you want to learn more about legal for trade scales and the scales we carry, keep reading!

What Is Legal for Trade?

Legal for trade ensures that all vehicles transporting goods are transporting the appropriate amount for legal purposes. Depending on the good you are transporting, the regulations change. Having a reliable scale to ensure you are within regulations is important to make sure you are conducting business legally and safely. 

Top Industries That Commonly Need Legal for Trade

There are many industries that have to follow legal for trade regulations. Most commonly is transportation industries, such as public transportation and industries that transfer goods from place to place. This also includes industries that transfer goods on roads, airways, and oceans. All of them must follow the regulations to ensure safety and legality. Another industry that has to follow legal for trade is the medical industry. This ensures accurate information on regulated medications that may be taken both through prescriptions and over the counter. Although it may be surprising to see which industries have to follow legal for trade, it is done to make sure safety precautions are being followed. 

Rule of Thumb: If You’re Conducting Business Over a Scale — It Needs To Be Legal for Trade

If you are basing a cost of a good off of the size or weight, you have to follow legal for trade regulations. At Walz Scale, we do more than provide you with an accurate scale. We make sure that you understand the other aspects of transportation and trade. When following a legal for trade process, you must accurately record all of the information for legal purposes along with when and where the measurements were taken. Our team of experts can help you provide the information and store it for future use!

Why You Should Choose Walz Scale

At Walz Scale, we can help you understand the process of legal for trade. We can also help you find the truck scale you need for your job at hand. Ensure accuracy with Walz Scale. Contact us today to get started!