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Walz Scale provides a complete range of heavy-duty and highly-dependable truck scales for sale. From portable truck scales and axle scales to on-board systems and weighbridges, Walz Scale offers many different truck weigh scales for a wide spectrum of applications. Whether for shipping and logistics or mining and farming operations, Walz Scale has a truck scale system for virtually any and all weighing needs. See some of the various styles of truck weight scales available for sale below.

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Portable Truck Scales

Portable Truck Scale Pads

Walz also offers portable truck scale pads for the weighing of many different types of trucks and vehicles. These portable truck scales, also known as wheel weighers, are lightweight and easily movable for weighing in just about any setting, so long as there is flat ground.  Made from aluminum and designed for heavy duty use, these portable truck scale systems can be used to weigh the entire trucks carrying loads and shipping container, or it can be used to weigh the load directly. Follow the link below for more information about our portable truck scales for sale.

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NTEP Legal-For-Trade Truck Scales

Legal-For-Trade Truck Scales for Sale

At Walz Scale, our truck weight scales for sale are NTEP certified "Legal-For-Trade" across the U.S.  NTEP approval is only granted to those truck scale systems that deliver and maintain the highest accuracy.  Our truck scales are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations.  For specific information on our legal-for-trade truck scales for sale, please visit the link below 

Product Link: Legal-for-Trade Truck Scales


Portable Truck Axle Scales

Portable Truck Axle Scales

Our portable truck axle scales are lower cost solution for locations that do not require a full-length truck weigh scale.  These portable axle scale systems can be used portably or in a permanent foundation. Designed to provide axle and full truck weights, these truck scale systems are our most commonly purchased solution for a number of operations ranging from payload management for mining or harvest weighing for farming. Follow the link below for more information about portable truck axle scales.

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On-board Truck Scales for Sale

On-board Truck Scales

Walz Scale specializes in weighing systems that can be directly installed on load-bearing trucks, vehicles, and equipment. On-board truck scales can be seamlessly integrated within one day and will provide instant weight measurements directly from the driver's cab. Unlike many of the more traditional, external truck scales we offer, on-board truck scales provide greater levels of efficiency and throughput, especially for operations that demand fast load management processes.

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Truck Scales for Shipping Container Weighing

Truck Scales for Shipping Container Weighing

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has revised the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention to require that shipping containers have a verified legal weight. This is a new condition for loading packed containers onto ships for export. Now, shippers are responsible for the verification of a packed shipping container weight. (For more information visit

Walz Scale provides a complete range of truck scales and weighing systems capable of weighing shipping containers. Many shippers, logistics companies, and freight forwarders need to ensure that shipping container weights meet new International Maritime Organization regulations. With many options for truck weigh scales, Walz Scale can help organizations implement the proper shipping container scale system to serve as an accurate, reliable, and functional shipping container weight scale.

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Truck Scales for Rent

Rental Truck Scales

Walz Scale offers a number of different rental truck scales, ranging from easy-to-use portable truck scales all the way up to full-length truck scales with capacities up to 80 tons. Among of the most common options among our truck scales for rent are portable wheel weighers, as these truck weight scales provide an efficient and versatile solution for a wide range of applications. To learn more about our truck scale rental solutions, follow the link below.

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