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Using Industrial Scales in Agriculture

Agricultural Scales by Walz

When your business is sold by the pound, then you know exactly how important it is that your weighing systems are dependable and accurate. Walz Scale understands that both the world of industry and agriculture involves a lot of moving pieces, and a necessity for a reliable method of keeping track of all of those moving pieces. We’d like to take the opportunity in this blog post to show you how our scales can be used for many different applications, including agriculture. When you’re looking for a weighing system that you can count on that also won’t cost you an arm and a leg, come to Walz Scale. We believe we have the solution for your agricultural weighing problems. 

Floor Scales

If you’re weighing a bushel of apples or getting the weight on ol’ Bessie, there are few things handier than a large, industrial-sized floor scale. These scales have a low profile that makes loading and unloading produce and livestock very simple. We have several models available, including the AG-5×5-NTEP-5K and the AG-4×4-NTEP, both with a weight capacity of 5,000lbs. Each of these models comes with their own weight terminal, and is pre-calibrated and ready to get to work! These models offer 25 square feet or 16 square feet, respectively, to accommodate even large loads of products. Their epoxy paint finish is easy to keep clean and can stand up to the harshest things that you can throw at them in an agricultural environment. If you’d like to know more about our floor scales and how they can benefit your agricultural business, please contact us now to speak to a representative!

Portable Truck and Axle Scales

A floor scale is great if what you need to weigh doesn’t involve moving the scale. When you need portability, however, Walz also has a solution for you! We carry many models of portable axle and truck scales that are designed to be the industry standard for durability, dependability, ease of use, and convenience. No matter what your scale budget is, we have something that will be perfect for your specific agricultural application. Our AXW-20 model is capable of handling up to a whopping 40,000lbs! The aluminum construction of this scale is practically indestructible, features a built-in weight display, is battery operated, and is completely portable! When it’s easier to bring the scale to the cow rather than the cow to the scale, then this solution is perfect. We designed this scale to be an economical solution for business owners that need an entry-level axle scale system that is easy to use and deploy in any environment.

On-Board Truck Scales

When you need to get an accurate weight on your truck, Walz Scale offers several different on-board truck scales to fit that need! Our on-board scale systems work by determining accurate weights that are measured through a hydraulic pressurized steer-loader. The simplicity of the design of these scales has made them very popular in both the industrial and agricultural workforces. The numerical value of the weight is displayed on an easy-to-read screen that the truck operator can use to determine load accuracy. If you’d like to learn more about how Walz On-Board Truck Scales work, and how they benefit your business, contact a member of our team now!

Load Scanners

Load scanners are ideal for agriculture businesses that are moving a lot of product and need accurate weights for those loads while trucks are in motion. Walz volumetric load scanners are widely used in agriculture and mining operations to easily determine the weight of loaded trucks. These scanners used advanced technology to create a three-dimensional scanned image of a loaded truck, which is then used to determine the truck weight. This load scanning system is operated by our in-house operating system called Payload Pro. This software is very easy to use and can deliver real-time weight data to operators and managers. This is the cutting edge of scale systems, since it gets rid of the scale altogether! Contact us today to learn more about our WLS Walz Load Scanner and how it can benefit your agricultural application.

Walz Scale — Serving Illinois and Beyond!

We’re based out of Illinois, but we know that there are farmers and industrialists all over the country that need dependable, durable, and cost-effective scale solutions. That’s why we offer free shipping on many of our products to anywhere in the contiguous United States! Let us be the scale solution that your farm, ranch, or production company needs to be successful. If you have any other questions regarding how our scales can be a benefit to your company, our scale experts are always ready to speak with you! Contact us today and let us get started on your scale solution! We look forward to working with you!