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Volumetric Scanning & Its Benefit to You

What is Volumetric Scanning?

Volumetric scanning is a relatively new weight measurement system technology that provides innovative and money-saving opportunities for applications spanning the spectrum of industry. This technology is a revolutionary approach to payload management, providing a solution for industrial, mining, construction, and agricultural processes to take advantage of. 

Instead of relying on a static scale, a volumetric scanning device measures the bulk material that is loaded in a truck, train car, or conveyor belt, using 3D imaging software. This innovative system is able to provide automatic volume calculations with ease! As a truck, for example, slowly moves beneath the suspended, mobile scanner, the system is able to automatically scan the truckload, record the results, and send them directly to an operator. Walz Scale is proud to have set the industry standard for this new technology, and we’re confident that it will absolutely change the way that your construction, mining, industrial, or agricultural application approaches payload management. 

The Tech Behind the System

In the commercial field, volumetric scanning is still a relatively new technology. Walz pioneered this payload management tech and is now the industry standard for volumetric scanning processes. You may be wondering, however, how does it work? Can it possibly be accurate?

Volumetric scanning systems are able to measure load volumes in real-time, even for vehicles that are in motion. This is achieved by first measuring the vehicle prior to any material being loaded, then comparing that data to a second scan after materials have been loaded. This data is used to easily calculate the load’s volume with an unbelievable amount of accuracy and efficiency. 

All vehicles that use the volumetric load scanner are outfitted with an RFID tag (radio frequency identification) so that the scanner knows which vehicle is which. As the truck or train car slowly moves beneath the scanner, the load is automatically recorded and assigned to the corresponding RFID information, easily keeping track of payload and carryback data.

The Benefits of Using Volumetric Scanners

How can volumetric scanning systems offer an advantage to your specific application, especially when you may already be using a traditional scale system that seems to be working for you? While there is no denying the practical usefulness of traditional truck scales, volumetric scanning systems are becoming an increasingly viable alternative. Here are just a few of the benefits that you can expect to take advantage of with a volumetric load scanning system:

  • Volumetric scanners can operate dependably in virtually any weather or work condition, providing reliable results and superior performance.
  • Because variables like moisture content, compaction, and uneven loads are not affected by scanners, you can detect and record the most-accurate weight by volume possible, surpassing the capability of traditional scales.
  • The speed at which a volumetric scanner records data provides an unmatched level of efficiency to your operations.
  • In regards to user-friendly operation, Walz’s volumetric load scanning system is easy to use and includes many time-saving features, like touchscreen operation, cloud data sharing, and smartphone/tablet/PC connectivity. 
  • Walz Scale only ever manufactures scanner systems that are durable enough to withstand years of operation, even in the most rugged and harsh environments.
  • Volumetric scanning systems are huge money-savers, lowering your operating costs and boosting productivity. 
  • 3D imaging technology allows for the accurate recording of every vehicle in your fleet, drastically increasing efficiency and reducing waste.
  • Volumetric scanners require almost zero maintenance. If one of our scanners ever needs attention, Walz is proud to offer onsite service. You’ll never have to worry about maintaining a volumetric scanner system on your own.
  • You can take advantage of the 3D imaging system’s capabilities to monitor load distributions, optimize the ways in which your vehicles are loaded, and avoid spillage and waste. 
  • In-motion scanning capabilities mean that your vehicles can stay moving and still record accurate weight, density, and distribution data.

We firmly believe that volumetric scanning systems are an indispensable tool for mining, construction, industrial, and agricultural payload management. The goal of this system is to optimize your payload efficiency, reduce your overall costs, and increase your productivity.

Walz Scale – America’s Volumetric Scanning System Provider

If you decide to opt for a volumetric scanning system for your operations, Walz is confident that we have the product that will fit your application perfectly. These models provide a real-world accuracy of greater than 99%, are capable of in-motion scanning, create graphical load images, feature cloud-based reporting, and can deliver real-time data directly to an easy-to-use interface. All of our models of volumetric scanners include a 12-month subscription to the software required to run the system. We’d like to invite you to browse our inventory of scanners for conveyor belts, industrial, mining, and train car operations, as well as for vehicle profiling. If you have any further questions regarding our scanner systems, please feel free to contact us today to speak to a scanner expert here at Walz Scale!