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Volumetric Scanning Terms You Should Know

Volumetric scanners come in a variety of different set-ups, each one targeting the collection of volumetric data in real-time. Rapidly becoming the industry standard in industries such as construction and mining, these dimensioning systems scan load volumes of truck trays with an elevated scan head, providing highly accurate, real-time data so you can optimize performance and save on material costs in your industry. Volumetric scanners are a technology that more and more organizations that rely on accurate truck weight information are turning toward to make more precise management decisions. In the long run, companies using volumetric scanners can expect an undeniable ROI. Learn more about the different types of volumetric scanners Welz offers!

Useful Terms to Know Regarding Volumetric Scanners

Volumetric scanners are 3D voluming systems that scan load volumes and aids in the management of bulk material, stockpile management, and more. However undeniably useful they may be, some of the jargon used surrounding them may be confusing or unclear. Here are some of key terms you should know that relate to volumetric scanners:

#1: Dimensioning Systems

Another name of load volume scanners is dimensioning systems. Dimensioning systems utilize ultrasonic sensors integrated with a scale platform to provide 3D imaging of materials of all different shapes and sizes. These efficient weighing systems use laser technology to accurately weigh assets. They are simple to set up and operate, and provide operators with real-time results. Operators can also detect any shift in the weight of the truckloads instantly, as this scanner is adept at managing the body and back design of any load.

#2: Permanent Load Scanner

Unlike a portable load scanner, a permanent load scanner is designed and fixed for one site-specific application. It is perfect for applications where there is a permanent site office. The unit will be able to provide operations staff with all the information they need with the added convenience of an out-of-the-weather operation.

#3: Conveyor Scanner

A conveyor scanner, also called a belt scanner, is an optical belt scale technology that is designed to accurately measure material flow on belts of various sizes. This new technology directly replaces traditional belt scales, which required more maintenance and calibration than the volumetric conveyor scanner.

#4: Empty Vehicle Load Scan Images

The advanced laser technology of Walz load scanners can provide more information about the load than simply volume and weight. It can also provide visual imaging of a target vehicle’s load volume through a 3D model. The extreme accuracy of the imaging software involved in our volumetric scanners gives you the ability to simply and effectively manage your loads. Walz load scanners have a few different iterations, such as:

#5: Load Ticket

A load ticket is essentially the printed or emailed receipt that is automatically generated by our volumetric scanners. Keeping track of bulk scanner information becomes easy and any issues that emerge can be looked at later. Keeping track of each vehicle’s load data helps you monitor load conditions in real-time and provides important feedback to loading operators.

Understanding Truck Scanners

Today we covered some important key terms that have to do with volumetric scanners. These scanners can have enormous benefits for your organization, helping cut costs, and keep track of all materials used. Learn more about the volumetric scanners Walz has available to buy or rent today!