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Walz Scale at CONEXPO-CON 2020!

Truck Scales & Precision Weighing Systems at CONEXPO-CON 2020!

From March 10 – 14, 2020, Walz Scale will be exhibiting some of our precision weighing systems at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 in Las Vegas! This is the largest construction trade show in North America, held once every three years, and is host to the world’s most cutting-edge innovations in several application fields. You’d better believe that Walz is going to be there, showcasing some of the scale systems that have made us the most-trusted weighing system company in the country. In addition to our scales, you can come see our Walz Earthroamer, the most decked-out, luxury off-road recreational vehicle available today. Here are some of the things you can expect to see from Walz Scale at this year’s CONEXPO-CON/AGG!

Truck Scales

Walz Scale offers some of the most versatile trucks scales available in the market today. Visit our stall at the convention to learn more about our portable axle scales, which are designed to be the industry’s most dependable, accurate, durable, and long-lasting weighing solutions in existence. Time and time again, our axle scales have out-performed our competitors in every environment. Come and see what makes our axle scales the best choice for your constructing, mining, industrial, or agricultural application! Additionally, you can learn more about our truck scales which are capable of weighing hundreds of full-sized trucks in a day, wheel weighers, portable truck scales, and even some of the software and applications that we use to give our equipment an innovative, technological edge against the competition.

Onboard Scales

Walz onboard scales are the gold standard for lift trucks, skid steers, wheel loaders, tractor/trailers, dump trucks and more! We have an onboard scale system for practically any application that you can imagine. We’ll be showcasing some of the products that make our onboard scales so trusted. Learn more about our onboard scales for large applications, like garbage truck scales, material handler scales, underground truck scales, and even our conveyor belt scales, which can be custom-integrated into any application. It’s been Walz’s mission to give our customers trustworthy scale systems that they can depend on that are also user-friendly and intuitive to operate. No matter what application you run, if you need accurate scale systems, you need to come speak with Walz at CONEXPO!

Volumetric Scanners

One of the most innovative weighing systems available in the market today are volumetric scanners. This advanced technology creates three-dimensional scans of industrial loaders, mining haulers, and rail cars, scanning for their volumetric value in real time, without the need for stopping to weigh contents. Walz also makes a volumetric belt scanner which can accurately and dependable measure volume of material passing along a conveyor belt, acting as a direct replacement for traditional belt scales that require a lot of regular maintenance. 

Industrial & Retail Scales

While Walz provides construction, agriculture, and mass-materials transit applications with dependable scale systems, we also provide some of the most-trusted industrial scales for your everyday warehouse and retail operations. Visit us at CONEXPO to learn more about how our industrial scale systems can help your commercial or retail business! We make everything from automated weighing kiosks, bench scales, stainless-steel checkweighers, counting scales, and the most accurate and durable floor and pallet scales in the market. When you need to keep track of material or product weights, speed and accuracy are paramount, and Walz can provide. Our pallet scales have weight ranges from as little as 1000 lbs, all the way up to 50,000+ lbs capacity! Walz can even help the day-to-day operations of your retail workers, providing easy-to-use, highly accurate retail scales that can be used to weigh produce, deli products, meat products, and more!

See the Walz Earthroamer

In addition to showcasing some of the scale technology that has made Walz synonymous with weighing quality, we’re bringing our custom-made Earthroamer to CONEXPO! Earthroamer is a luxury off-road recreational vehicle company based out of Colorado, and they’ve made an Earthroamer especially for Walz Scale! We’ll be showing off this beauty at our stall at this year’s CONEXPO in Las Vegas. This vehicle is the pinnacle for living off the grid, combining the best of both worlds in regards to ruggedness and luxury. You’ve never seen anything quite like it, and you won’t want to miss out! 

Visit Us in Las Vegas at CONEXPO!

We’re excited to be a part of this landmark event in the world of commercial and industrial applications. We hope you’ll take the time to visit us, learn more about what makes our precision weighing systems the best in the world, and maybe stick around to gawk at the Earthroamer! Our scale experts will be in attendance and ready to answer any questions you may have about how our scale systems can revolutionize your application. We look forward to seeing you at CONEXPO-CON 2020 this March!