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Weighbridge Truck Scales

Walz Scale is an industry leader in weighbridge truck scales for various mining applications. Leverage the power and efficiency behind Walz Scale's custom-integrated weigbridges, professional calibration services, and ongoing support solutions.

Features of our weighbridge truck scale solutions:

  • Axle Scale Systems and Full Platform Designs
  • Heavy Duty Weighbridge Design
  • Multiple Scale Sizes Available
  • Multiple Capacities Available
  • Custom Weighbridge Truck Scales
  • MSHA Approved Designs
  • Rental Scale Units Available
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Super Heavy-Duty Weighbridge Scales

Weighbridge Truck Scales

Customize Weighbridge Scales To Fit Your Mining Site's Requirements

Increase Safety With Wider-Sized Weighbridge Truck Scales

Portable Truck Scales for Sale

MSHA Approved Weighbridge Designs


Weighbridge Scales

Portable Frame Options

Weighbridge Truck Scales Designed For Portability

Professionally-Installed Weighbridges For Sale

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Extreme Weighbridge Scale Durability

Extremely Durable Weighbridge Design

All weighbridges from Walz Scale utilize more structural steel than most other competitive models on the market today.  Our HD models feature more I-beams that are strategically placed longitudinally with the traffic flow to ensure tire support regardless of the trucks position.

Open Bottom Weighbridges

Simple Foundation Requirements

All HD Series weighbridge truck scales are designed to be installed on a simple slab or pier foundation.  This design allows for a quick installation process without the need for any grout.  

Image of Roll Off Scale System

Walz Scale Weighbridge Features

We have worked very hard to develop and supply the toughest weighbridge truck scales.  Our HD truck scales are designed to work day in and day out with little to no maintenance requirements.  Give us a call to discuss your needs for a new weighbridge truck scale.


Tension Suspension

Export Weighbridges

Our export weighbridges are designed for low cost transport via shipping container.  THe modular design also enables our customers to install onsite without the need for a crane or heavy lifting equipment.

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Heavy Duty Load Cells

Simple Installation

All of our export weighbridges utilize a modular design.  This modular design allows for the setting of the scale with just a lift truck or tractor with forks.  This design provides a low cost, fast installation process.

Above Ground Weighbridge Truck Scales

Above Ground Weighbridge Truck Scales

Perhaps the most common application for vehicle weighing today, our above ground scale systems are available with a multitude of options.  Some of the most popular scale options are guide rails, grain dumps and custom widths.

Pit Installed Weighbridges

Pit Installed Weighbridges

Our HD-Series truck scales can also be installed into pit foundations.  These applications are typically required when there is limited area for installing an above ground scale.  

Weighbridge Scale Calibration

Weighbridge Scale Calibration

Walz Scale provides all of our weighbridge scale customers with access to our 80,000 lb vehicle test truck.  With our ability to provide build up testing to 80,000 lbs, Walz Scale has secured calibration and maintenance contracts with some of the nations largest companies.