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What to Look For in a Truck Scale

Decades of Trust in Truck Scale Manufacturing

When your business is conducted by the pound or the kilogram, the accuracy and dependability of your truck scales are unbelievably important! A sub-standard scale system, or a system that isn’t right for the volume of the product created by your business, can mean hundreds or even thousands of dollars in lost profits due to inaccurate weight data. This is why it is so important that you turn to a company like Walz Scale for your truck scale solutions! We’ve been in the scale business for decades, supplying durable, accurate, and dependable scale solutions to companies all over the country. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction in our scale systems, coupled with a line of products with a high standard of quality that we’re proud of. 

Why Do You Need a Truck Scale in the First Place?

In addition to providing you with accurate weight data for all of the items or materials you transport, having a truck scale is just intensely practical for legal reasons. Most of the time, when a large amount of product is being transported by freight, those doing the transporting will charge you by the weight of your product. Trucking companies do this because the government places weight limits on several roadways to minimize damage to infrastructure. When that weight limit is exceeded, it can mean heavy fines. Of course, all of this can be avoided by ensuring that you aren’t overloading trucks because you have a dependable and accurate scale system in place! I think we can all agree that it’s best to avoid fines, which in the long run will increase the cost to your customers and harm your reputation.

The Best Qualities in a Truck Scale

When it comes to a quality scale system, we at Walz believe we have the competition beat in every aspect. Here are some of the qualities that we put into every scale system that we manufacture, and reasons that you can trust us with your business.

Ease of Operation

If the old adage is true that “time is money,” then you don’t want to spend the preponderance of your time fussing with a confusing scale system. Walz has ensured that all of our truck scale systems are intuitive and user-friendly, utilizing the latest scale technology. All of our truck scales include either a built-in digital display for easily readable data, or come with a scale terminal with a robust set of user-friendly functions. Many of our products have optional add-ons for additional ease and convenience, like WiFi connectivity, USB connections to PCs and laptops, ticket printers, and more. No matter what application you need a truck scale system for, Walz has a solution that will accommodate your needs.

Power & Size Requirements

Not every business needs the same truck scale for its everyday operations. Depending on the output that your application produces, you may need a more or less robust scale system to meet your demands. Walz provides several options, from smaller, portable truck scales and axle scales, all the way up to permanent and semi-permanent heavy-duty scales. Consider the needs of your company, about how much weight you expect each incoming or outgoing load to be, and make a decision based on those weight requirements. Some states also have regulations regarding the installation of permanent scales, so make sure that you’ve double-checked local policies regarding this sort of installation. Walz is more than happy to answer any questions you may have about these sorts of policies. 

The Environment of Your Worksite 

It’s safe to say that the type of truck scale you need will differ depending on the location or environment of your operations. Some scales are better suited for a warehouse-type environment, while others are built and designed to function with a high degree of accuracy in even the toughest of outdoor conditions. Walz has scales that work perfectly in a garage or motor pool, as well as scales that can be easily deployed in the field in minutes. Consider the physical toll your unique business requires from your scale system, and base your scale purchase on that information. Again, Walz is more than happy to provide suggestions based on the description of your operation.

Maintenance Requirements

As is the nature of all things, scales will eventually require some maintenance. Our scales arrive at your location pre-calibrated and ready to use, but when the time comes to ensure their accuracy with some regular maintenance, Walz has a team that is famous for prompt customer care. We’ll even perform maintenance on scales that aren’t ours! Our main priority is making sure that you have the scale system in place that makes your business the most successful, and we’ll go out of our way to make sure you’re taken care of.

Installation Process

Depending on the type of truck scale system you opt for, the installation process may vary. Our portable truck scales can be deployed and installed in a matter of minutes, while our permanent/semi-permanent models may vary in their installation time. Depending on what is right for your business, you can trust that Walz has an installation team that can be on-site to help.

Legal Standard

Various regions around the country have different regulations when it comes to how the data from a truck scale system can be used. Research your local laws on weight standards, or contact the professionals at Walz and we can provide you with helpful insight on the legal side of scales. The last thing you want is to make an investment in a scale system and then run into some unnecessary legal roadblock.

Trust Walz Scale for Your Truck Scale Systems

We hope that these different aspects of truck scale systems have led you to trust Walz as your preferred scale manufacturer. If you have any questions regarding our scale systems and how they can best benefit your business or manufacturing operation, please do not hesitate to contact us right away! Our customer’s satisfaction is our highest priority. Let us know how we can help you with a precision truck scale today!